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How people overcome obstacles to achieve victory?

Updated on March 21, 2018

Some have born in families where they face financial difficulties, but they are always looking for ways to get better in life, but that might not be possible to do in natural ways. I was born in a family where we didn't have that much of facilities even though my father was a head teacher at that time but you know teacher's salary was nothing much to have a better lifestyle. But my father's great wish was that he wanted to see that his daughters do well in studies, so he put me in schools in the city even though he couldn't afford much to support my needs. I have got into a situation that I have to survive in the city and study also, so, I wanted to have some income to support me. Most of the school going kids wanted help in especially in mathematics, I was kind in that subject. Therefore, I started to give private tuitions along with a friend of mine she was giving English tuitions. As a result, I was able to survive and was able to afford my living in the city. I have completed my advanced levels and wanted to do accountancy but I needed money to pay the fees, I managed all that with the help of my friend. I managed to pass those exams whereas the other accountancy students who studied along with me couldn't complete those exams and finally, I got a job as well. Do you know the reason why I am telling you this if you have the will you will find ways to accomplish your desire? Remember to use your biggest strength to overcome your difficulties. Therefore, during my difficult time, I used my power in teaching mathematics to make money. We have to accept that every one of us has some strength we forget to use it and motivate us to bring that out. I have seen lots of much more miserable people than myself has done much better than me in their lives. So how do they do it? If we look at Barack Obama it is one of the most significant achievements that he became the president of America, so, everything depends on your mind as to how you look at things.

Can everyone become successful in their life?

If you overcome your difficulties that itself is an achievement, and the next step is the progression. When you are planning for succession it will not happen overnight, it will take time, and it is essential to have patience. Another thing when you are trying to progress you might not achieve that straight away, but the crucial factor is not to allow your mind to get defeated by that failure, as it is part of our life. There are significant stories behind every successful person; we have to learn to listen to them to find out how they overcame those challenges. You might want to ask me "Can everyone become successful in their life?". Let me answer the question, for example, if you are doing a job with necessary qualifications today and if you remain forever or for a long time that means you are staying in your comfort zone and too reluctant to take challenges. Then maybe your partner wanted you to progress, and that means you have to come out of your comfort zone, and now have got some courage and found a new way to progress yourself, and that means you are better off financially and better lifestyle that shows you have achieved some success. Whereas I have seen some people when they leave their comfort zone they become so redundant and go backward at the end they lose everything entirely. Now, what shall we say about people like that? The only thing I can say is they are destructive negative people and never do well in life.

Obstacles could be in different ways

It is not always obstacle is in the form of money, might be someone who lives around you want to sabotage you because of their low esteem. When you were living with someone who has little confidence level will expect you to have the same issue and will not welcome your progress and as a result, you will be very uncomfortable to be with this person to try your progression. Therefore, you will end up staying at the same level forever. But that said, as an individual you have to overcome that situation like this the best way is to stay away from this harmful person all out to destroy you. Apart from a job like that, you can come across obstacles in many forms, but you need to bring out your strength and be wiser enough to overcome those obstacles to achieve prosperity. Therefore, I have to say everything depends on you, maybe the progression will be slow, but you will come up to that level better than before at some point.

© 2018 Sara Param

We all like to become successful, this article shows you the ways to achieve it even if you have obstacles.

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