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How to Bully-proof Your Child

Updated on August 16, 2015
How to Stop the School Bully
How to Stop the School Bully

How to Stop Bullying in School

The school can be a dangerous place for your child to be in. Occasionally students are stabbed, or shot at by some deranged minds with a loose screw in their head. The most insidious danger is bullying in school.

Most school children are bullied at least once in their lives. It can devastate their self esteem, affect their studies, cause depression and in some cases, can lead to suicide. Bullying is not to be taken lightly.

Singing star Susan Boyle revealed that one of the worst times of her life was when she started to get bullied at school. She admitted: "There's nothing worse than another person having power over you by bullying you and you not knowing how to get rid of that thing."

Even the royal child of the most powerful figure in the kingdom is not spared, how much worse could it be for the common people?

Eight year old Princess Aiko, the granddaughter of the emperor of Japan, was absent from school because of bullying by the boys at her school.

If your child complains that he or she is bullied in school, take heed. There are 3 main ways to deal with bullying in school.

1. Build up your child's strength

2. Avoid the situation

3. Response appropriately in a confrontation.

Build Up Your Child's Strength

Develop your child's emotional strength. Let her know that her self worth is not measured by what people say about her.

Enroll her for self defense classes so that she can learn how to protect herself. With the mastery of martial art as her weapon, she will not longer feel helpless. It will build her confidence.

Exercise regularly. Keep fit. A fit person can run away from danger. Exercising is a good way for her to manage her stress.

Avoid Situation

Avoid being in a situation where the bullies can get you. Do not walk alone. During the break, do not eat or play alone. Do not go to isolated corners. The bullies' favorite hunting grounds are bus stops and playgrounds.

Buddy with friends when traveling between your house and the school. There is strength in numbers. Go to places where there are many people.

Blend with the crowd and don't be an odd one sticking out like a sore thumb. The bullies target those who stand out from the rest.

Responding in a Confrontation

How should the child respond when confronted by the bully? Is it a fight or flight? The child has to learn how to respond in an assertive manner to their teasing.

The above are briefly the ways to protect your child against bullying.

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    • profile image

      Ellena Smith 5 years ago

      We think that schools are one of the safest places for our children. Most of the year, our children spend more time at school than anywhere else than our home. However, some schools have problems, such as bullying and theft, which make them less secure. As a mother we want for our children is for them to be safe at all times when they were in school. As a mom every time my child gets home from school, I talk to them about their day, because sometimes your child won't tell you right away if they are having a problem. If ever they were bullied, or anything else makes them uncomfortable talk to them and teach your child to resolve problems without fighting. I would like to share this link, about a service on how to protect your children: Check it out it's interesting:

    • captainchris profile image

      captainchris 7 years ago

      Self defense doesn't just teach fist fights it also teaches self confidence.

      Nice hub.