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How to Care for Little Brothers

Updated on May 28, 2013

Caring for your Brother

Brothers | Source

The Older Sibling

Being an older sibling is a full time job. Especially when you are kids. It is your job to take care of watch out for, and teach your younger sibling. These are expectations that may not have been specifically spelled out but from the moment your younger brother was born you became the older sibling and took on the responsibility whether you wanted it or not. S prepare for being the older sibling and enjoy the benefits but remember that is is your job to always be the older one.

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He is your Brother!

The little brother teeters between loving and annoying on a minute by minute basis. I frequently find myself yelling things like "leave your brother alone" Don't hit your brother Stop hitting your brother. Then when I finally separate the two siblings I get "but he is my brother" I am pretty sure I already knew that but thank you for explaining and further exasperating your mother.

My kids do love one another but sometimes they forget that fact and need a little reminder. My older son fully demonstrates that fact that he can pick on his younger brother but that when someone else tries to they are in for trouble with a capital T. While I don't condone the picking on your brother behaviors I am happy to see when the situation turns around and they stick up for one another.

How NOT to care for your little brother


  • hit
  • sit on
  • put in the washer
  • lock in the closet
  • tie to a chair
  • paint with toothpaste
  • draw on with marker
  • always make him the villain
  • steal his toys
  • take his special blanket or stuffed animal
  • pretend there are bugs crawling on him
  • tell him he is adopted
  • sell him to gypsies
  • lock him in the bathroom


How to care for your Brother

Here are a few ways to care for and show him you care for him.

  • Share your toys
  • Share your snack
  • Help him on the playground
  • Stand up for him
  • Talk to him
  • Read to him
  • Tell him you love him
  • Give hugs
  • Give kisses
  • Show him how to act
  • Show him how to do big kid things
  • Help him with his homework
  • Help him read
  • Talk to him
  • Play with him
  • Sign with him
  • Don't always tattle on him
  • When you get angry with him pretend you are not
  • Praise him
  • Include him
  • Protect him
  • Don't let him get hurt
  • Love him unconditionally, even when he is annoying

Protecting Your Brother

There is a fine line between protecting your brother and getting yourself in serious trouble. It is okay to stand up fr him, it is not okay to beat up the neighborhood bully. It is okay to tattle on him if he is about to jump off the roof of the house, it is not okay to tattle on him for looking at you. Protect you brother in the important way at the important times to ensure that he remains safe from harms way. I am not sure that my youngest would remain serious injury free if it wasn't for his brother looking out for him.

Love Your Brother

The motto in our household is love your brother, he is the only one you have. Take care of him and protect him, be his confident, his best friend. Treat him like your equal even if you were born first.

There is a point in life where you might need to give him a swift kick in the rear and tell him to get his life together, remember that is taking care of him.


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    • livingsta profile image

      livingsta 4 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thank you for this hub. Sometimes, where there are two boys, there are those fights, arguments, and other things when they are too young, but they still love each other without a doubt. One minute they are fighting over something, someone interferes to sort it out and they pretend that nothing at all happened and are good friends again. Sometimes they do need to be reminded of sweet things like these. Thank you for this. Voted up, interesting and sharing!