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How to Comfort a Sick Child

Updated on November 30, 2012
Do whatever you can to make your young one feel better
Do whatever you can to make your young one feel better

Infants and toddlers

It breaks my heart to see one my little ones sick and unable to explain where the pain is or how bad it hurts. I feel helpless when nothing I do seems to ease the pain. I try my best to maintain a safe and clean environment to avoid illnesses as much as possible. However, sickness can come at any time for no apparent reason. Parents should be familiar with basic ways to comfort their baby. Here are a few tips that are helpful:

1) Always monitor temperature and consult the doctor when there is a fever,

2) Cuddle your baby and give them all of your attention. A sick baby needs all the warmth from hugs and closeness to the caregiver. If you cannot hold them put then near you with a warm blanket or a familiar stuff animal. Communicate calmly with them and be gentle. Do not let them see or feel your frustration they need to feel safe.

3) Use saline drops for stuffy nose to loosen up mucus, also use a little baby vapor rubs like Vicks.

4) Make sure they are in comfortable clothes, clothes that are not tight or bulky. Put a hat on their head and socks on their feet.

5. Sometimes a cold treat like a popsicle for a teething baby really relieves their discomfort. Ask your doctor for simple non medical but safe things you can do to comfort your baby.

6. Never give any medicine without first consulting your doctor. It can harm more than help if the wrong medications or dosages are given.

7. Nursing an infant is really one of the best ways to comfort and naturally aid a babies overall health.

Older Children

Much the same as babies when they are sick, older children need calmness and comfort just as well. Showing your children that you intend to pay them close attention no matter how young or old, makes a big difference. Also when your family has faith and your child believes, it helps to pray together for better health. Once when my daughter was in the hospital because of an asthma attack, at only two years old, she sat still when the nurse put a needle in her arm, We told her Jesus was with her and when it was over she said "thank you Jesus".Our faith gave her comfort and calmed her down. Some other tips to consider:

1) Encourage them to stop their usual daily routine to rest.

2) Make sure to hydrate your kid with water, 100% juice, and chicken broth.

3) Make taking medicine fun or just as easy as possible

4) Read them stories, and play soft music in your home, a soothing environment can be very comforting

5) Make sure to be aware of fevers and to ask them questions about how long the symptoms have been occuring. Observe you child's demeanor and know how serious you child's illness is. Do not be so busy that you miss a doctor's visit at the beginning of a serious illness.

6) Have board games, great books,art, and movies available to entertain you child as they get better.

7) Warm blankets in the dryer, offer ice paks,keep colorful bandages, any small thing to help your young one get better.


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