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How to Counter Blue Whale for Teens

Updated on October 29, 2017
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Use Parental Control Apps to Monitor Teens

In today’s digital age, the online access is easy for anyone, especially teens. They are free souls. They have their privacy, mobile devices, and tablets and the freedom that any teen wants nowadays. However, with liberty, there are dangers as well. It is far comforting for them to peruse dangerous and threatening games like Blue Whale online.

What about Blue Whale?

It is a suicidal online game which has more than 200+ victims all over the world, mostly teens. The online user can get a link to his or her email of this game or any other social media like Facebook, Twitter. Once installed, the game administrator asks for #50 tasks which the player has to complete or else he or she is threatened in many ways, including harming his or her family.

How it works and how to counter it?

The unfortunate victims of this game posted their selfies on social media and other online platforms before committing suicide. It is where it has to stop. A parental control app can help resolve the issue by giving the parents a natural control over their teens’ devices.

The hazardous effects of Blue Whale sweep today’s society. Let us find why it was so nerve-wracking and influential that it took 200+ lives all over the world.

  1. The idea is simple. Challenge the human nature. The human nature is accustomed to challenges and reacts obnoxiously at times to answer the problem. Suppose, someone asks you a question about something. What will be your first and foremost response? Your mind will quickly try to solve it. Even if you do not utter a single word, still, your mind will try to explain it. It is human nature, intact. Blue Whale uses the same intrigued quality of Human Nature and exploits it to the fullest.
  2. The famous Blue Whale music, which according to doctors, is weird enough to wake certain parts of the human brain. In other words, it can indulge a person to go beyond the limits or to be suicidal. The music is played on every task, from task #1 to task #50. The music, alone plays a crucial role in executing Blue Whale’s message to the player. It stirs some mysterious notes in player’s mind. All in all, the weird music is another huge reason that the players get so much addicted to the game.
  3. Apparently, Blue Whale targets mentally unstable people. People who are not content with their life. People with the psychological and mental issue. Any reasonable person will quit the game as it will instruct him or her to do certain things that would hurt them. The issue is insane. However, teens are a big target of such games, as they lack experience and maturity, they can be easy prey to such violent games.
  4. Finally, such games are viral due to spreading social media fever among teens. With social media, they can have access to anything at any time without any restriction whatsoever.

Be the Digital Parent

Life is precious, and the life of your kids is even more valuable. You can counter, monitor, track and be updated about your teens through parental apps. You can prevent access to such online threatening games and websites. You stay updated about all websites and device usage your teen does. This way, it will be a home run to be a modern digital parent.


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