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How to Deal With A Teen Who Has Autism

Updated on June 7, 2014

How to Deal With a Teen That Has Autism

How to Deal With a Teen That Has Autism
How to Deal With a Teen That Has Autism | Source

Kids with Autism

Teen Autism- The Real Deal

How to deal with a Teen that has Autism

Autism is a disease that is caused by a multitude of organic and in organic substances, and or just plain pollution can cause this condition. The Noticed reactions of a baby with these effects are hard on the mother and father of the baby that is diagnosed this disease, is horrible. There can become out of this nice well groomed young lady or man from this disease that seems to hit a good proportion of our youth, and we are a byproduct of what we do to ourselves and our children at times. There are professionals that would disagree with my statements, yet I know about this disease very well as I have a family member that has Autism.

The great thing about having a child with this horrible disease is that most are very smart and likable kids, and when they are nurtured just right, turn out to be productive adults in our society. There are some really interesting ideas about the life you can learn from a teen with autism, and they are very intelligent.

Some come off quiet and seem withdrawn from the public, yet do not let that fool you, just because the autistic don’t get up and give you a great big smile and hug, this is normal Affection is something I would say is a drawback form a teen with autistic behavior. Tending not to be as gleefully happy when, in fact, they are, one with this disease may come off as arrogant and unsociable, people tend to judge to quick. The teen with autism may express in ways we do not, those of us that do not experience this disease has to understand it, in order to feel good. You can take the withdrawal from a ten with autistic behavior totally wrong.

The family member I know of is sixteen and does not drive a car yet, reason for refusing to driving is someone from his school had passed away in a car accident, he informed me, I think the child was about six months before I knew the actual reason as he did not discuss it with anyone. Yes, the teen with autism can be quite mysterious in nature and very loving if you allow them to be.

The teen in my family is a volunteer for other kids that are missing limbs and or having a hard time walking and loves the work he will not call it work; indeed it is. How could you not love someone that wants to do this type of work and on Spring Break, it’s amazing. He is a star in Gods eye and an inspiration to his family and his mom and dad. I have to feel a bit of jealousy that this young man is so willing to try almost anything, he has his limits.

The autistic child is one not to cry over, but one to be loved even more, or treated in a manner that is consistent with their nature. The outcome of most autistic children is pretty good they are usually good at programming and play computer games, and make great designers of games for the computer. I look forward to the teen I know growing up with his ability to outdo most that are quote, “normal”.


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