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How to Entertain a Baby Aged 6-12 Months Old

Updated on February 12, 2017
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The later months of the infant stage can be tough. Your baby is growing fast. He's learning more communication skills, and he's starting to become more and more mobile.

What you want to do to keep your baby progressing and entertained is to continue building upon what you've been doing. Keep reading, singing and playing games with your baby. Use sensory toys with sounds, lights and textures. Go on walks, and enjoy play dates with other babies.

Just keep in mind that every baby progresses and develops at their own rates.

6 Months Old

Six months is a big milestone month. Your baby will probably start making a lot of new babbling noises to get your attention. You can start to introduce baby foods during this month, and you'll notice that your baby is starting to explore and learn his world more.

Your baby is probably rolling over or trying to. Lay your baby down on a mat, or just the floor, and place toys on one side to get his attention. He'll roll or work to roll over to that side.

Stimulate your baby's senses. Sensory toys with sounds, textures and lights are going to be a big his this month. Toys that crinkle, have fake fur, bells, ruffles, etc. are great to stimulate your baby. At this age, toys that move are great to help spur crawling.

Since he's building upon his language skill, so start (or keep) reading to your baby. Play mimic games with him, too. Mimic your baby's sounds and let him mimic you to amuse and teach your baby.

Your play may is still going to be a friend during this month. Tummy time will really start to strengthen your baby's muscles for the upcoming months of scooting an crawling.


7 Months Old

By seven months, you baby should be rolling over, sit unassisted and understand his name, among several other milestones he's achieved along the way. It can get harder and harder to keep your baby entertained at this point. But, you'll find that he's still really just enjoys your company.

  • Play peek-a-boo, itsy-bitsy spider, this little piggy and other childhood hand games with your baby.
  • Play with sensory toys.
  • Encourage your baby to scoot, creep, roll or crawl by setting toys out of reach.

At seven months, your baby is really starting to communicate and understand language. He'll even start to pick up on different tones in your voice. Sing to your baby and read to him. Talk to him, and he'll coo right back at you more than he's ever before.

8 Months Old

A big eight month milestone is crawling. By now, your baby has probably been creeping and scooting along the floor, but crawling in the eighth month is big. Encourage movement by setting toys further away.

You may want to start using a walker during this month. Your baby probably won't be able to walk around, but he'll start to get used to standing and putting weight on his legs and feet, preparing for walking.

At this stage, you baby may start to show an interest in toys that have a function. She'll also enjoy activities where she can bang, poke, twist, squeeze, shake, drop and open things. You'll find many activity centers will be able to satisfy many, if not all of these actions.

The Bright Starts Around We Go 3-in-1 Activity Center is a great toy that gets your baby standing and moving his legs while playing with fun, sensory toys.

9 Months Old

Your baby is really learning and playing now. He can put objects in a container and remove them. The stackable donut toys and the shape box toys are great at this point.

He's also able to comprehend more and more of what you say. Reading is a great way to continue to entertain your baby.

  • Baby blanket rides throughout the house
  • Copy what your baby is doing, whether it's touching your ear, waving or nodding
  • Make towers with building blocks for him to knock down


10 Months Old

At ten months old, your baby is becoming more intrigued with small things she can pick up, like cereal. She's also getting more mobile and almost ready to walk. She may be holding onto the couch and walking already.

By now, your baby probably has his favorite toys, but he may also be taking an interest into your pots, pans and tupperware.

Try more interactive games to keep her busy. Place a toy inside a container or sock and let her try to figure out how to get the toy out. Hide a musical toy under a sheet and have your baby find it.

  • Walks in the stroller
  • Go to the library during a children's reading group
  • Set up an indoor doorway bouncer
  • Build a mountain of pillows to climb

11 - 12 Months Old

At this point, practice walking. That's always entertaining for this mobile stage in your baby's life. Play mimic games, hide and seek, make obstacle courses around the house and explore.

Your baby will enjoy time at the park- swings are always a favorite. She may even enjoy simple errands or walking around local craft markets.

  • Bubbles are always intriguing.
  • Sensory games like playing with cooked pastas are fun. Babies like the texture and it's not dangerous if they put it in their mouth.
  • Make fun instruments with pots and pans. Put uncooked rice in an empty water bottle and tightly close it for a fun shaker toy.
  • Fill a box with items with different textures, like feathers, pine cones, different fabrics, rubber ball, etc.

Reading, singing, dancing and games that you've been playing are still fun at this stage.

Every month is a build on the previous. Your baby will start to tell you what he needs.


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