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How to Entertain an Infant Aged 3-6 Months Old

Updated on December 22, 2016
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Whitney is a mom trying to evoke a healthy, happy life for herself and her family.

Your infant is probably starting to stay awake more during the day, and with more time awake, you'll find that he needs more stimulation.

You're still your baby's most interesting and entertaining toy, but if you haven't brought out the baby toys yet, it's time. You'll start to find that your baby really needs activities and entertainment. He'll start to show boredom after 10-15 minutes.

You may want to consider a bouncer, swing or bumbo seat as great tools to keep your baby occupied and entertained. Sensory toys and mirrors are also great to have nearby.

3 Months Old

At three months old, your baby should be getting better holding his head up for longer periods, and he should be showing stronger upper and lower-body strength. Your baby may even be showing early signs of hand-eye coordination as he starts to swipe at toys or hold a rattle and smoothly put it to his mouth. Your baby's vision has vastly improved by now, and he's probably steady turning his head and tracking you as you move and when he hears your voice.

These milestones are huge, but this means that your baby also needs more entertaining than he did at three weeks old. You want to continue and build on everything you've been doing so far

You'll want to pull out all the colorful toys that you haven't brought out yet. if you don't have one yet, get a play mat. Your baby will enjoy tummy time and time on his back playing with toys on the mat.

But most of all, your baby just wants time with you. Talk to him. Sing to him. Use tummy time as time to strengthen his upper- and lower- body, coordination and overall sense development.

Bright Starts Sunny Safari Baby's Play Place
Bright Starts Sunny Safari Baby's Play Place

The Bright Start Play Place grows with your baby. This play gym has a lot of potential for your baby's mental development because there is so much to look at and touch. My son loved tummy time with this play mat. When he could grab, he loved playing with the toys. You can even add your own toys to the hooks on the play mat.


4 Months Old

At four months old, your baby should have neck strength to balance his head when sitting up and support himself on his arms when laying on his belly.

If your baby isn't able to steady himself on his arms during tummy time, that's normal. Studies show that because babies sleep on their backs to minimize the risk of SIDS, babies don't always get as much practice as they once did. To help your baby strengthen his upper body strength, give him more tummy time. Try a play mat.

At four months old, you baby has probably developed enough hand-eye coordination to grab items. Often times, these toys and objects will end up in his mouth, so this is a great time to entertain your baby with toys.

Some four-month old babies may already be strong enough to lift their feet high enough to play with their toes. If your baby shows interest in his feet, consider a pair of rattle socks.

Other ways to entertain a four month old:

  • A swing
  • Bumbo seat - Great for abdominal control training
  • Bouncer (if he's holding his head up well)
  • Mirror - Babies love looking at themselves in the mirror
  • Sensory toys with lights, sounds and varying textures

Summer Infant Support-Me 3-in-1 Positioner, Feeding Seat and Booster
Summer Infant Support-Me 3-in-1 Positioner, Feeding Seat and Booster

I had to have this seat with my son. The soft foam padding is perfect for babies just starting to sit, but it's also good to use for toddlers who need a boost at the table. I liked that the chair sits up more upright than a normal bumbo does, making my baby more comfortable and happier longer.


5 Months Old

By now, you may be really starting to notice when your baby is getting bored. It may even seem like he has baby ADHD since activities only occupy him for a few minutes at a time, but that's normal.

At five months old, your baby has started to figure out where sounds come from, and he'll turn towards new sounds. Talking and singing to your baby at this stage is a huge source of entertainment for him. Jingling keys and playing with sensory toys that make noise are great sources of fun, as well.

Your baby is probably getting much better at tracking smaller objects. Look for toys that move, like pull toys.

He's probably also exploring more with his hands. Give your baby toys that he can hold and shake, like rattles and toys.

VTech Move and Crawl Baby Ball, Orange (Frustration Free Packaging)
VTech Move and Crawl Baby Ball, Orange (Frustration Free Packaging)

This the ultimate sensory toy. It moves, makes noise, lights up and has interactive pieces. The VTech Move and Crawl Baby Ball is perfect for holding your baby's attention. This toy was perfect for helping my son get up and crawl, chasing it as it moved around.


6 Months Old

Six months is a big milestone month. Your baby will probably start making a lot of new babbling noises to get your attention. You can start to introduce baby foods during this month, and you'll notice that your baby is starting to explore and learn his world more.

Your baby is probably rolling over or trying to. Lay your baby down on a mat, or just the floor, and place toys on one side to get his attention. He'll roll or work to roll over to that side.

Stimulate your baby's senses. Sensory toys with sounds, textures and lights are going to be a big his this month. Toys that crinkle, have fake fur, bells, ruffles, etc. are great to stimulate your baby. At this age, toys that move are great to help spur crawling.

Since he's building upon his language skill, so start (or keep) reading to your baby. Play mimic games with him, too. Mimic your baby's sounds and let him mimic you to amuse and teach your baby.


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