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Getting Baby to Sleep - The 90 Minute Sleep Program

Updated on March 1, 2011

Better Quality Sleep for You and Baby

Being a new mom is hard, no question about it. Not only did your body just go through the exhausting process of giving birth, now your little bundle of joy is wreaking havoc on whatever rest you try to get. With newborns, their eating and sleeping patterns are all on demand, so there is no schedule or pattern to follow. You just have to cope with the lack of rest while your body is still healing. Or do you? When I first had my daughter, I was lucky, because she slept 5-6 hours through the night from the start, but after a month, that all changed. So I started researching into different methods to help your baby sleep through the night, and then stumbled upon the 90 Minute Sleep Program. Within a week of implementing the system into my routine, it had a significant difference on the quality of her sleep, and mine too. I also found, that because she was so well rested, when she was awake, she was much more happy and alert. I will take you through the basics of the program, and then you can decide if this program might work for you and your baby.



The Logic Behind the Program

The 90 minute sleep program promotes the idea of following your baby's Internal "sleep clock", therefore, your baby will be getting the necessary amount of sleep and be much more pleasant overall as a result. Over half a century ago, sleep researcher, Nathaniel Kleitman, discovered that sleep consists of two different states; REM (rapid eye movement), and NREM (no rapid eye movement). In REM, your are usually dreaming, so although you're asleep, your brain is quite active. In NREM, your brain activity is slowed right down, this is the state you get true rest, and your body is pretty much still during this period. The brain cycles through these two states in a predictable manner, you guessed it, every 90 minutes. We also experience this cycle during the day, even though we are not sleeping. Our brain goes through an active alert period, a quiet focus period, and a period for daydreaming. So at the beginning of this 90 minute cycle, you might feel full of energy and focused, and by the end you could experience a decrease in your ability to focus and don't feel as alert.

For the first 12 months of a baby's life however, this cycle is much more prominent, and at the end of each cycle, not only does a baby lose focus, but become fussy and almost has to release that "pressure" by sleeping. So the question is, if this cycle is so natural why doesn't a baby just go to sleep when the cycle ends? Well, think of this cycle as an alertness cycle, while it doesn't induce sleep, it can help you determine the best time to put your baby down for a nap. That is the beauty of this program, it's very gentle, there is no "crying it out" or "3 day sleep training", you can start this program at any age and there is no guilt involved. It's all about understanding your baby's sleep cycle and how it changes as they grow, and following their natural rhythms.


A Brief Look at the Program

To follow the program, you need to note what time your baby last woke up, add 90 minutes to that time. Stimulate and play with your baby, then when the 90 minute is coming to an end, watch for signals that your baby is ready for sleep; yawning, rubbing eyes, whiny, irritable, etc. Again, depending on how old your baby is, they may not need a nap every 90 minutes, an older baby might be able to stay awake for two or three cycles. However, when you do notice the signs of fatigue, that is when you sooth your baby to sleep. This program may not be for everyone, but I found it extremely helpful with my little one. If your having issues with your baby's sleep, why not try it. For your review, I have left links to where you can get the book, a video review of another parent who has implemented the program, and a link to the author's website. I know how stressed out new parents can be when their baby is irritable and not sleeping properly. I hope the information I provided will help some troubled parents out there.

90 Minute Sleep Program Review


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