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How to Get Your Parents to Let You See a Scary Movie

Updated on November 6, 2012
Scary Movies Can Be Fun
Scary Movies Can Be Fun | Source

Even babies wear zombie costumes during Halloween. But asking your mother to let you watch the latest zombie or vampire flick (not counting the Twilight series) may result in a firm "No". Parents have a thing against horror films, shuddering at mere mentions of The Exorcist or The Shining. Even parents who love horror movies and slasher flicks bar their kids from all the terrifying fun.

Why are parents such spoilsports? Because they want what is best for you. Scary movies can give you nightmares for weeks and months. Films like Poltergeist and It, for instance, can put you off clowns forever. An overactive imagination makes it worse still. The younger you are, the worse the impact of a frightening movie. Things that go bump in the night are fine during a movie, not when you are trying to sleep at night.

Then again, you may be braver than your parents think. Ask your parents for permission to watch that frightening movie. Brace yourself for a stern refusal, but know that there are ways to win over your parents. The following tips and tricks should help.

Horror Stories

Horror Stories
Horror Stories
Several scary horror stories.

Make Your Case

Do you feel old enough to take on a scary film? Tell your parents that. Convince them that you are not a little kid anymore. Give examples to prove that you are old enough and responsible enough to watch a horror movie. If your parents seem iffy, ask for one chance to show them that the movie will not leave you petrified. Chances are that the gamble will work. It should open the door to many more scary movies in the future.

Kids Sometimes Enjoy Scary Movies More Than Grown Ups Do

Kids Sometimes Enjoy Scary Movies More Than Grown Ups Do
Kids Sometimes Enjoy Scary Movies More Than Grown Ups Do | Source

Start Small

If your parents have never let you watch horror films, they may not allow you to see The Ring on your first horror outing. Instead, seek permission for movies that are less scary. The Gremlins or House on Haunted Hill are good places to start. You could even ask your parents to let you watch a film of their choosing.

Do You Like Scary Movies?

Do You Like Scary Movies?
Do You Like Scary Movies? | Source

Movie-time With the Parents

Nobody said it would be an easy fight. What should you do when your parents refuse to budge? Ask them to give you company. That is a great way to prove that you are old enough for horror. Your parents can watch the movie with you over a tub of popcorn and then make an informed decision about allowing you to watch more horror movies.

Werewolves Can Be Scary

Fright Night in the Day

Even grown-ups are scared to watch horror movies at night. Tell your mom and dad that you are willing to forego a nighttime horror experience. Make it easier on yourself and your parents by seeking permission to watch a scary movie while it is still daylight. They might just agree.

Horror Movies?

Do you get really scared while watching horror movies?

See results

Keep Asking

You may not be allowed the first time you ask. Maybe not even the second time or the third time. Do not give up just yet. Be polite, do your chores, and be as good as can be. Calmly ask your parents why they are so against letting you watch a scary movie. Then work on convincing them that their fears are unfounded.

Some parents will not yield no matter what you do. You could do your homework, mow the lawn, wash the dishes and more, but their permission will remain as elusive as ever. This might lure you into disobeying your parents and watching the movie anyway. Resist that temptation. You could be in a world of trouble if you get caught. Are the consequences worth it? Trust your parents' judgment. Take heart in this: once you turn eighteen, you can watch scary movies all day long and your parents will not say a word.


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      23 months ago

      This doesn't work, I did everything but they still said "No"


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