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How to Get your child interested in Reading

Updated on March 30, 2013

Get unplugged

Fighting the Tech Age

The times are changing and as technology progresses our children are spending less and less time reading and more time with Gameboys, Nintendo DS, Xbox, Computer games, Playstation, and the mother of all distractions;(Television), although useful in keeping your children's attention momentarily so you can continue out a busy schedule of places to go and checklists to mark off, do little to enrich our young ones minds. These technological devices lack depth and do not produce quick thinking offspring. In the end you may end up with offspring that are goal-less, jobless, not attending school, still living at home well into their 20s, and whose only ambition is to get the most kills in "Call of Duty."

When you introduce your children to books it allows their imagination to wonder and makes them actively question and participate in their reading activities. So goes the saying: "Reading is Fundamental." Reading allows the neurons in the brain to fire up and in turn makes the brain work harder which then causes the brain cells to multiply in order to retain more information. More active brain cells=higher information retention.

So how do you prevent your children from becoming technological zombies? How do you get your children to not only read, but to actually enjoy reading? Simple. Start while they are young. The older the child gets, the harder it will be to enlist a love a reading. However, it can be done. Begin by reading to your small children everyday. It only takes 15 minutes out of your day so even the busiest of parents can do this. For those children whome are old enough to read on their own: Make it a rule that 1-1 hour and half before bedtime the tv must remain off. Only reading, writing, or drawing will be allowed in this time frame, but at least 15 minutes of reading time must be done. This will be considered the respected "Quiet Time." Be very clear on your expectations and always remain consistent. Remember to ask your child: "What book did you choose? What was the book about? What did you like about it? What did you dis-like about it?"

Reading Variety

Be Prepared

Making sure that your child has adequate and entertaining reading material is essential. Help your child build a collection of his or her own books. Make sure he or she has a designated book shelf in his or her room or designate his/her own shelf space on your bookshelf. If funds are low you can make do with a book basket or book box .

Take a trip to your local library. Memberships are free and there are many books to choose from. Your library may even have a kids book club that allows them to earn points for reading and then "win" books with their points.

Aside from libraries you could go to a second hand store such as "Goodwill, Nice Twice, St Vincent de Pauls, Salvation army" etc.. These shops are fun for children and adults alike because you can always find an old treasure or books and toys that take you back in time.

Your Children Look up to You

Buying books that you read as a child is a bonus for your children. Young children look up to their parents for guidance and want to do the same things as their parents. This is a child's way of bonding and relating to their parents. Take advantage of that bond. Search for titles that you remember as a child. Here is a list of examples: Bearenstein Bears Collections, Dr. Suess books, Scholastic Readers, Mouse on a Motorcycle, Runaway Ralph, Golden Books collections, and Strawberry Shortcake. Reminisce about the past with your child and tell them your favorites when you were growing up. Knowing that you have an interest in reading will encourage them to want to read as well.

Use the Media to your Advantage

Choose books that star their favorite TV characters: "SpongeBob Squarepants, Dora the Explorer, Nejow Kailan, Scooby Doo, Go Diego Go, or Little Einsteins" to name a few.

Get Creative

Try making up stories with your child and have them draw pictures that match the stories. This is a great activity and can be done if you have more than one child. This is great way to keep their hands and minds busy. One of the most difficult and at times frustrating tasks as a parent is dealing with a bored child. Follow these simple ideas and you will soon have a child that not only likes to read but will start asking to visit the local library or bookstore just for fun.

For more Book ideas or to order some great books online, click on the link below.

Enjoy your new reading adventures.

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