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How to Handle Bored Kids

Updated on June 13, 2016

Many parents do not know how to handle bored kids. They do not also realize that this gives them an opportunity to unlock the creative genius of these children.

Learning the ways of beating boredom is certainly a life skill. Of course, you have to make efforts and practice so you can know what you should do when you feel bored. The more you practice, the more will be your ability to unlock your creativity. In fact, boredom and an I-have-nothing-to-do attitude are capable of triggering creativity, innovation and invention. History is replete with examples like Da Vinci, the Wright Brothers and Steve Jobs who made use of their creativity and did not allow boredom to affect them.

In other words, boredom is not a disease that needs treatment. So, it is possible to convert this empty time into a gift by getting creative. Therefore, parents should learn to handle their kids suitably for bringing their creative genius out. But this should be done intentionally and strategically. Experts suggest what is known as the "SHAKE" principle to help children get rid of their boredom and to bring their creativity out. "SHAKE" consists of Scheduling, Hiding the electronics, Activities at-the-ready, Kick them out and Exit the kids' room.


Make out a plan and prepare a list of to-do things. It is true that children do not like scheduling because for demonstrating their creativity, they do not need any structured schedule. In fact, their creative faculties will work to the optimum only when there are no such structured schedules. Nonetheless, it is better to have a list because it gives children an “opportunity to demonstrate creativity, problem solving, and to develop motivational skills that may help them later in life.”

Hiding the Electronics

Bored kids tend to use electronic devices for filling their empty time. Of course, even grown-up people who feel bored busy themselves by using their mobile phones or by browsing the Internet listlessly. This shows that even grown-up adults have not learned to look inside themselves for direction. So, hiding the electronics is the best way to prevent children from falling into this trap.

Activities At-the-Ready

Find out the go-to-activities of your kids and encourage them to pursue them. If you are not able to find them out, allow them to remain bored for some time. They themselves will figure out what they must do. By watching them, you can know their go-to-activities.

Kick them out

Kick your bored kids out of the home. Let them enjoy the fresh air outside. They will soon find out a number of activities because once they step out of the house, they will have endless possibilities.

Exit the kids' room

When your children repeatedly tell you that they are bored, exit their room. You can also tell them to try creating something innovative and new. By leaving them alone, you will be allowing them to use their creativity. This means they will learn to self-direct themselves. They can also connect to their inner motivation that will ultimately bestow upon them a growth mindset.


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