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How to Help Your Child Develop Mathematical Skills

Updated on May 17, 2015

How to Help Your Child Develop Mathematical Skills

Every parent wants their child to develop math skills, but parents need productive ways to help them. Showing your child the right steps to get the answers can be futile if he can’t develop conceptual understanding, thinking, and reasoning.

Math skills are important for getting your child ready for school. Remember that, your child’s preschool math ability is an important bellwether of his scholastic preparation. However, teaching mathematics does mean using the calculator every time you play. Many children develop this skill through their daily interactions, but many of these are introduced through your daily routines like counting the steps as you walk up and down the stairs.

Math skills for child

Math skills for child
Math skills for child

How parents can help

As parents, you can help your child solve unfamiliar problems by asking questions rather than showing him how to solve the problem. Your child can develop math skills if you are aware that this practice of basic fact is built on the understanding of the operation for easy recollection.

First off, you must determine what your child’s number and counting skills should be developed at age 4. Is he interested how counting and numbers apply to his everyday life? Can he count at least ten objects? Can he add or subtract a small number of objects? Can he count one to ten in proper order? Can he understand the theory of size and quantity and use the terms correctly.

Now that you are aware of his skills you can reinforce these skills through the following activities.

Playing games mathematics concept

Playing games mathematics concept
Playing games mathematics concept
  • Playing games is a great way for you to practice with your child the mathematics concept and skill while developing this strategic thinking. Choose number activities and math games to help your child develop his number sense. Play simple board games that enable players to count objects used in the game, or spaces on the board.

measure ingredients mathematics concept

measure ingredients mathematics concept
measure ingredients mathematics concept
  • Since mathematics problems are part and parcel of our daily life, you can help your child see the math all around him when problems arise. You can point our or use numbers to involve him in counting activities. He can measure ingredients for a recipe when you bake by measuring the number of cups of flour you need to add to the cupcake batter. Talk how things are more or less and never forget to praise his progress in mathematics awareness.

Read and tell stories mathematics concept

Read and tell stories mathematics concept
Read and tell stories mathematics concept
  • Schedule engagement activities close to the beginning of the school year to help you and your child off to a good start. Read and tell stories, recite poems, or sing songs that include counting and numbers. Collect a variety of materials in a bag and pick a time to count them again and again. Use things like bottle caps, buttons, or old keys for this exercise.

  • Sort object with your child by size, shape, and color because this will teach him how to compare them and what separates one from the other.

Let your child learn mathematics at his own pace

Take note that, children develop their mathematics skills at different rates. If your son is inclined to mathematics at an early age, work on these skills by reading books together and playing games you both enjoy. Choose books with his favorite character to spark his curiosity. Give your child the opportunity to demonstrate his talents to find out his strengths and gifts. This will feed his self-esteem and make the work enjoyable and easy for him.

How do you deal with your children to develop Mathematical Skills?

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