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How to Keep Your Children Entertained Whilst Queuing at the Airport

Updated on July 7, 2018
Diana Grant profile image

I am a seasoned traveller - lived in Africa, used to travel 3 days on a train to boarding school, and 24 hours on a plane to visit family

The Main Goal is to Alleviate Boredom

Children can get very bored and restless when they have to hang around in airport queues waiting for the great adventure to begin

I've had a lot of experience travelling with children - from journeying alone with both my children under the age of three from England half-way round the world on a 23-hour flight to visit my parents in South Africa (and neither of them slept a wink), to travelling to Bulgaria with five young grandchildren, an additional two teenagers and their respective parents for a fabulous holiday together. I've also had many other air and sea trips with various children .

So I know a bit about keeping kids calm and reasonably well-behaved on long journeys.

A Family Trip
A Family Trip | Source

Here are 5 Ways to Keep Children Entertained for 10 Minutes at a Time

I use the word “entertained” in its widest possible sense – maybe “occupied” would be a better description,

There are often long delays at the airport, as you probably know. How do you stop your little darlings running wild in the queue, or (preferably) disappearing?

Questions and Numbers
Questions and Numbers

First Way to Entertain Your Child:

The first ten minutes are the easiest – children will be excited and very restless after sitting for a long time on the plane. So you need to give them a bit of a run around and exercise.

Now, remember to do each of the following stages separately – the underlying purpose is not to gather information, but to occupy the children and enable them to let off steam.

  • Ask them to run along the lines of people queuing, and check which is the shortest queue, whilst you stand in one of the queues , to book your place, so to speak.
  • When they report back (it will be easy for them to find you , because the queue will barely have moved), ask them whether they just looked for the shortest queue or the queue with the fewest people in it. The relevance here is that the shortest queue is not necessarily the one with less people – because families and couples tend to stand in a row, thus taking up less room, even though there are more of them. So send the children back to re-count.
  • When they return, point out that several of the queues are for EU Members only, and the rest are for people resident outside the EU – did they take that into account, as it is far quicker for Europeans to pass through Immigration Control. Get them to check.

Then follow their advice and move to the most appropriate queue to enable you to pass through Immigration Control as quickly as possible – it will make them feel successful.

This will take about 10 minutes

Second Way to Entertain or Occupy Your Child:

Ask who needs to go to the toilet. Send them off to look for a toilet and come back to tell you. Then ask the people queuing in front and behind you to keep your place (it’s better to ask both, to avoid the situation of one lot denying you were ever there), and all go to the toilet together, or otherwise leave one person in the queue to keep your place.

This should fill another ten minutes whilst you walk at a leisurely pace, preen yourself in front of a mirror, fiddle about with the dryer, and chat a bit.

This will take about 10 minutes

So that is your first 20 minutes

Third way to Entertain your Children:

Then have a counting game. Take it in turns to count various types of people, things or activities.

For instance:

  • count how many people are wearing red. The winner is the person who counts the most.
  • Then count how many men have moustaches or beards (we don’t count women with facial hair ‘cos that would be unkind).
  • Then, maybe, how many women have blonde hair, which might lead to a time-consuming discussion (which is your aim, of course) about whether the hair is dyed or natural, giving them hints, like it’s less likely to be natural if the people are Asian, African, or otherwise dark-skinned. This would not be racist, but simply educating kids about different racial characteristics. Be careful, because it’s all in the way you say it. We don’t want any diplomatic incidents at the airport, just after you’ve managed to land safely, without air-sickness, hijacking, birds getting sucked into the engines, or forced landing in the sea due to the wheels failing to open.
  • Then count how many children there are in the area, and maybe how many languages are being spoken that your children can recognize.
  • Then how many women are wearing make-up/long dresses/trousers/shorts, etc.

This would take up another 10 minutes, or even 15 minutes, if you are creative with your suggestions and discussions.

Total: 35 minutes

Fourth Way to Entertain Your Kids:

The Game of I-Spy. I assume you know the rules of this alphabet game, but for the sake of completeness, the rules are that one person chooses an item, e.g. a clock, and says “I spy with my little eye something beginning with “C”. The other people have to guess what it is, and the winner then takes over and spies something for the others to guess. Even quite young children can play, just substituting the phonetic sound “K” instead of the letter C. Sometimes everyone just shouts out, and other times they take it in turns to guess, which is more orderly, and gives the little ones a better chance of success.

Another 10 minutes

Total 45 minutes


Fifth Way of Entertaining Your Kids:

Another Alphabet game – I don’t know if this one has a name. One person decides whether it’s going to be an animal, a flower, a plant, a person’s name, or whatever, then you go round in a circle, thinking of all the items of that description beginning with “A”, or whatever letter of the alphabet the decision maker suggests. The winner is the person who manages to give up last.

A variation of that game is for one person to choose whether it will be an animal, flower, name or whatever, and then everyone has to name one item with the appropriate letter of the alphabet, so if it is Animals, the first person chooses “A for Antelope”, say, and the next person chooses “B for Bison”, and the next “C for Cat”. If they can’t think of anything, they are Out, and last one Out is the winner.

That’s another 10 minutes gone.

Total 55 minutes

Finally, Always Travel With a Note Pad and Pencils

Then the children can play Noughts and Crosses, Hangman and Battleship, and do some drawing or writing.

You could intersperse these occupations with the activities described above, in bursts of 5 or 10 minutes

So say 20 minutes in all

That should bring the total up to about 1 hour 15 minutes

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    • Diana Grant profile imageAUTHOR

      Diana Grant 

      6 years ago from London

      If they are anything like my kids, I would be falling asleep before they do! I remember a trip to South Africa in the 1960s (which took about 23 hours in those days), and my son aged 4 didn't sleep more than an hour in the whole journey - what a nightmare that was.

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 

      6 years ago from England

      Hi Diana, this is a great list of things to do to keep children occupied at the Airport. We often see children just running around or whining, so anything that keeps them happy is a good thing. Hopefully they will be tired too, so they will go to sleep on top of the luggage and then you can have a quiet drink while waiting! lol! been there and done that!


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