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How to Keep Your Preschooler Busy

Updated on July 11, 2019

Preschoolers are active and enthusiastic kids. They are curious and get bored quickly.

As parents, it’s important to understand that childhood paves the way for how adults will be once they grow up.

During this stage, children are learning about the world around them and they need nurturing. Investing in making your kid’s childhood enjoyable and affectionate will pay off in a big way in their future happiness and success.

Since this is the best time for growth and development of the brain, it is wise to engage your child in fun and stimulating activities.

It can be difficult for parents to come up with these activities and hence, we have made a list of the best activities to keep your preschooler engaged.

1. Make Your Own Cartoon

Most kids love watching cartoons on TV, but for a change, you can ask your kids to make their own cartoon and give them superpowers. You can also encourage them to form a story about their cartoon. This will improve both their imagination skills and concentration. Your child might also find himself/herself a new hobby, which could be coloring or drawing.

3. Fun Bath

Try making bath time fun for your kids by creating a bubble bath and bringing water toys in it. A really enjoyable activity would be to put ice cubes in the bathtub and asking your kids to fish them out before they melt. It’ll sure keep them busy.

2. Limited TV Time

Yes, too much screen time is bad for kids but if you limit it to one hour or 45 minutes a day, your child actually benefit. Make sure they are watching shows that teach something instead of those that might encourage naughtiness.

4. Cut and Play

If your child is around 4 or 5 years, you can give them a small scissor and colorful paper to cut out shapes. You might also give them straws. But be sure to watch over them to avoid any injury. Activities like these accelerate motor development in younger kids.

5. Paper/Plastic Cups

This one is a favorite among children. Give them a bunch of cups and they’ll stack it, make towers out of them or squeeze them but they will surely find something to do with it. That’s the best part about kids, they always find something to do with stuff.

6. Puzzles

These are one of the best activities for preschoolers. Kids don’t just have fun solving puzzles, they also improve their cognitive skills, problem solving and it also results in motor development. Some puzzles can be too advanced for preschoolers so they will need your help with it, which means time to bond with them.

7. Books

You can get written books or picture books, depending on the age of your child. Inculcating a reading habit in your kids will go a long way in helping them succeed further in their lives. You can also read them stories out loud during bedtime or when they are going to nap.

8. Treasure Hunt

This is fun for kids and parents both. Choose a theme according to your child’s interests and form cues. The cues need not always be written, you can also use pictures. And most importantly, make sure they receive an interesting prize at the end.

8. Play Dough

This is a very good option to keep kids busy. You can get them a whole play dough toolbox so they can make new shapes and try different things. This will prove to be a great exercise to improve their eye-hand coordination and enhance creativity too.

9. Coloring Books

This is a very simple thing to do. Just buy a coloring and a set of crayons and give it to your kids. They will spend hours filling in the shapes and even outside! These books help improve motor skills as well as concentration of the little children.

10. Playing Outside

This should never be neglected. You should always try to take your kids outside, be it in the park or the backyard. You either let them run and play by themselves or play with them. For example, with a ball. If you take them to a park where there are other kids as well, it will give them a chance to socialize and make friends.

Which activities do you prefer for preschoolers?

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© 2019 Taranpreet Kalra

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