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How to Keep your Kids Busy During the Holidays?

Updated on November 2, 2016

We are moving forward through the holiday season with a bunch of mixed emotions – “holiday” is definitely an exciting word for kids though. Usually parents go for interesting and unique surprises for their kids. Here is a mini parent guide with some fun activities for both sides:

Go Fishing: Fishing is a wonderful activity for children. Set up a barbeque and cook some freshly caught fish fries afterwards. You can also organize a fishing contest.

Teach Them Knitting: Share your love of this sweet old-school activity – it’s perfect for kids (especially girls) over the age of 7. Wool and knitting threads will do all the work. You don’t need to be an expert to teach someone to knit, but it would be great if you know the basics. There are also hundreds of online tutorials, just in case.

Paint with Them: Whether it’s on a fabric, a wall or a paper, children always show great interest towards painting. Wall art is a creative way to personalize your kid’s bedroom. If any festival or event is coming near, you can set a theme and have them show their skills based on that.


Playdough: A wonderful time killer for creative children. All you need is some playdough, food color, and some accessories like glitters, beads, and threads. Some tweaks to keep your children occupied with playdough include:

Make wands

  • Help them make a whole new galaxy
  • Create glow-in-the-dark monsters with radium paints and dough
  • Change your Barbie into a mermaid with dough and some extra accessories
  • Relieve some tension with squeaky stress balls
  • Make a jungle with your favorite animals
  • An exclusive activity for girls includes making a variety of accessories like chains, pendants, and bracelets.

Cook Together:Who doesn’t like cooking? Kids love making their own sandwiches. Help them cut some vegetables and show them how to decorate their food the way they like it. This way, you are also making them more interested in food. Don’t be surprised with the empty lunch boxes!

Host A Dance Party: Make a CD collection of rocking DJ tracks and invite your children’s friends to a dance party for all. Go for it and bring out the real dancing stars in them.

Gardening: Set up a little space for them in your garden. Buy them the plants that grow really fast. From small trees to herbs and vegetables, there are lot of plants that even a young child can grow without any big efforts or troubles. If you have no such space in your garden and if you are restricted in your apartment, you can have them build their own mini-garden with window boxes and small pots. Basil, parsley, and lettuce are some herbs that grow easily in small pots. Obviously, it will make them happy, when they eat an item from their own garden.


Go Crafty: Most children love doing craft projects, especially when they involve scissors, glue and paper. Tell them to decorate your house. Star balls, decoration ornaments, party hats, paper airplanes, welcome boards - crafts for children that adults will actually enjoy doing, too.

Some other fun ideas include:

  • Ice skating
  • A day at the seaside
  • Swimming
  • Bike riding
  • Read them the books of their choice
  • Create funny hairstyles
  • Stacking cup games
  • Play board games like Chess, Carom, Ludo
  • Do a treasure hunt
  • Compete with them in hula hoop, jump rope
  • Blow up water bubbles
  • Play with sand and make sand creatures
  • Snow figures
  • Snow painting
  • Origamis
  • Computer games
  • Photography
  • Water balloons
  • Kiddie pools

If there’s anything else you enjoy doing with your kid, please do share with us!



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