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How to Make Our Kitchen, Bathroom And Bedroom Safe For the Child

Updated on November 14, 2016

When a newborn appears in the house, every parent begins to pay more attention to the safety matters. Of course, they are of great importance, because as a rule they predetermine the kids’ health or even life.

Today we tell you how to make our kitchen, bath and bedroom suitable for the youngest family member.

So interesting kitchen

As a rule, this part of our home requires more attention than any other rooms in the house. The kid is sure to be interested in cooking dinner with you, as well as in getting something off the shelf or in using different kitchen equipment.

That is why it is recommended not to leave him/her alone inside. But, of course, sometimes it happens that a child accidentally enters the kitchen.

So how to prevent the troubles?

· Cabinets

There is no any particular kitchen furniture for kids, so the specialists recommend to close all the drawers. Especially don't forget about the lowest ones, as they are more accessible to the child.

  • Electronic devices and cooker

It is better to keep all appliances off. As a rule, the best results can be achieved when they are connected to a single adapter.

· Tables

The main principle of clear table is a minimum of items. Don't forget about it.

· Dishwasher and washing machine

Very often a particular children's interest is caused by dishwasher and washing machine. Kids are usually adored by these devices. They are not dangerous and sometimes even help the children to fall asleep, but mind that your child can accidentally run the definite program or vice versa turn off the laundry.

This is quite unpleasant situation for young children. The lack of time doesn't allow them to be near the kid all day long. Therefore, it is recommended to wash everything in the evening, when the baby is sleeping sweetly. And if you have to use these devices, when the child is in, turn on the special child lock function.

Dangerous bathroom

Similar to the kitchen mentioned above, bathroom is a rather unsafe area for your little explorer. It would be better to be near your son or daughter all the time. However, some things need particular attention.

· Household chemicals

First of all, the bathroom can be dangerous because of the household chemicals, which are usually arranged on the floor or on the lower shelves. Of course, it will be better to take them all away.

· Carpet and wet floor

If the baby is just learning to walk, he/she can slip on the floor or on a carpet. Make sure that your carpet was in close contact with the floor and always wipe the puddles.

· Taps

The child may want to turn on/off the water taps. So the best thing will be not to leave him/her alone in the bathroom. Otherwise, he/she may burn the hand. If your kid is already able to understand, explain the principles of hot and cold water using, let him/her to try it.

· Hairdryer

The experienced parents recommend to take the hair dryer to another room and don't use it in the bathroom.

Quiet and cozy children's room

The main premise of your baby should be the safest place, of course. Expensive or cheap kids’ furniture should not contain any mother's or father's things. Every morning the baby usually starts to explore a living space. How to make it safe?

· Kids bed

A staircase bunk bed or any other model seems to be the safest place. But sometimes a potential threat represented by the planks lies here. They must be arranged in a distance, which doesn't allow a child's head to go through and the hands to get stuck inside.

· Toys

Caring parents love to buy some clothes and toys in advance. But the specialists recommend to avoid such purchases. Why? - The matter is that all these items may contain small parts, which are not suitable or even dangerous for children under three years old.

Even the young parents know that kids want to try everything "to the tooth". The parts of toys for older children can contain small details or package that is why it will be better to buy them later or to keep out of the baby's reach.


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