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How to Make Your Adult Child Move Out

Updated on June 24, 2015

If you're afraid of living alone and need something to love and care for, buy a puppy. Not encouraging your child to move out on his own is seriously handicapping him for life. The goal of parenting is to raise responsible, independent people that can take care of themselves. How can they learn this if their parents are still taking care of them?

The point is you have to make it so inconvenient to live in your house that he'll want to move out. You can have lots of fun with this.

  • When he's taking a shower, starting running the hot water in the kitchen so all he gets is cold water. Hey, it'll help wake him up!
  • Don't do his laundry anymore. In fact, make him take his laundry to the local laundry mat. If something ever happened to you, he would have to do it himself. It's okay, he needs to learn.
  • Stop buying his favorite cereal. Or soda or whatever it is that you buy special just for him. He's a big boy now, he needs to buy his own groceries and catering to his wants and whims is only making things easier for him.
  • Take him off your car insurance policy. Oh, your wallet will thank me for this one. Young drivers on car insurance policies always make the premiums more expensive.
  • Stipulate a curfew. Nothing drastic, oh, let's say 10:00 o'clock. Install a chain lock on the door, the kind that you lock from the inside so he can't use his house key. When 10:00 o'clock rolls around, lock the doors. This will make a really good impression on your son that you mean business. The next morning when he comes in, dripping with morning dew . . . okay, okay, I'm kidding! I'm not suggesting let your child spend the night out in the cold, but you do need to make him understand that this is your house and if he wants to live under your roof he must abide by the rules you set.
  • Do not allow girlfriends or female visitors in the house. I know, this is hitting below the belt, literally. But remember, you are not running a hotel. If he wants to get his grove on, he has to do it somewhere else, not in your house. I think this has to be the best motivator for getting him to move out.

If all else fails start charging rent. And if he's late paying, be firm, start charging him late fees. Remember, you are preparing your baby for the real world. And the real world charges rent.


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    • Jaspals profile image

      Jaspal Singh 6 years ago from India / Australia

      Very true and meaningful. I like the idea. Vote up.

    • MTrising profile image

      MTrising 8 years ago from TEXAS

      This is a great article. I am going to have a friend of mine who son is a major problem read the article. I am new to this and I am learning what to do. Have a great day.