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How to Make Your Children Health-Conscious

Updated on April 1, 2017

The human body is certainly not designed for ill-health. But a number of parents have a wrong notion that if their kids are plump, they are healthy. These parents do not realize the fact that being plump is almost a sure sign of ill-health. Therefore, they ensure that their children eat belly full. But whether they make sure that their kids eat nutritious foods or not is a big question. Unfortunately, some of these parents do not care to involve their children in physical activities. That is the reason these children get affected by several lifestyle-related ailments when they are young as well as when they grow up.

Though the scope of parenting seems to be constantly evolving, there are certain responsibilities that may remain in tact for ever. Among these responsibilities, making children health-conscious is very important. You, as a parent, should therefore make suitable changes in your family by including appropriate exercises and good eating habits in the daily routine and make your children health-conscious. The best part of it is that children are capable of learning easily and embracing the habits quickly. This may do a world of good for their future life. Let us see how you can bring about such changes.

1. Include an hour of physical activity in the daily routine

Take a walk for about 20 minutes along with your children. Then make the kids play some out-door games for about 25 minutes. Discuss with the school authorities so they will allow children to play in the school grounds during the recess. In short, there should at least be 60 minutes of physical activity daily.

2. Ensure to have adequate stock of fresh vegetables and fruits

Children in general may be reluctant to eat vegetables and fruits. You can look for recipe tips on the Internet and learn to make tasty items using fresh vegetables and fruits. If the items look attractive, you can easily make the children try them. Remember that if your children get adequate antioxidants and vitamins, the medical expenses of your family will come down significantly. Experts advise parents to try what is known as the "rainbow challenge." Put in place competitions among your kids as to who eats the most number of vegetables or fruits of various colors during a week.

3 Remember that children learn most of their habits from you

Since children learn most of their habits from parents, you must ensure to eat healthy foods yourself. Similarly, you must do your exercises on a daily basis as well. Your children will also learn those habits very soon.

4 Drink plenty of water

If you are in the habit of drinking carbonated and sweetened drinks, stop the habit forthwith. Instead, develop the habit of drinking plenty of water. Drinking low-fat milk twice or thrice a day is also a good idea. Keep telling your children the benefits of drinking adequate amount of water daily.

5 Screen time should not be more than 2 hours

Never allow your children to watch the television, browse the computer and play video games for more than 2 hours. Instead, encourage them to involve themselves in physical activities.

6. Giving breakfast to your children is very important

That breakfast is the most important meal of the day need not be emphasized time and again. Hence, ensure that your children are provided with a nutritious breakfast within two hours after they wake up. Studies reveal that children and even adults who skip breakfast are certain to put on weight.

7. Ensure that your children retire for the day by 9 PM

Children should go to bed by 9 PM and they should have at least 8 hours of good sleep. "Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise" is the saying.

8. Minimize eating outside

Though it cannot be denied that you can get healthy foods in certain restaurants, it is better you minimize outside-eating. Thanks to the advent of the Internet, you can learn to prepare most of the recipes at home.

9 Be a cheerleader for the activities of your children

You must always aim to encourage your children to be physically active. Especially, girls need to be encouraged more as they near the age of puberty. Hence, help children make small and subtle changes to their routine so they always remain active.


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