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How to Make Your Kid Fluent in Spoken English at Home

Updated on April 7, 2019
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A professor of English language and literature and a humanist.

Do You find your kid struggling with English?

Most of the parents would be elated if their kids started talking in English, confidently and fluently, at home itself.

The following 8 ways have proved to be immensely helpful in helping kids improve their English fluency. Following them, you can make your kids Improve their English Fluency and become confident.

1. Follow a routine: You must spare some time for helping your child become confident and fluent in English speaking. Utilities this time exclusively for the purpose of spoken English only. The thumb rule is to motivate and encourage your kid to acquire the nuisances of spoken English.

2. Entertain and Engage: The most important thing is to make the learning activity entertaining and engaging. Your kids want fun and you should take advantage of that. You can engage your kid in role playing, cracking jokes and speaking extempore. The objective should be using English words and phrases in the process.

3. Using stories: Children love to listen to stories. By listening to stories in English they learn words, phrases and begin to understand the nuances of spoken English. Even if your kid insists for stories in his native tongue, you still have the opportunity to insert commonly used English words and phrases in your stories.

4. Using Games : Every kid loves video games. Games are very helpful in language acquisition since they develop understanding as well as language fluency. Games like crosswords, word puzzles, and those based on grammatical structures are a great way to enrich language capabilities. Apart from them you can download several games, that help in enriching English language and can engage your child with them. It is better to make him play those games that are interactive and employ English language. There are hundreds of smart phone games available. Some of the well known are "Two min English", "Duo lingo" and those offered by the British council.

5. Using Songs: Rhymes, songs and poems allow children to play with spoken English. By listening and repeating them, they learn the sounds of English without much stress. They learn new words and phrases and they notice the relationships between words that rhyme together, but have different usages. In this way they memories new words as well learn to distinguish sounds.

6. Using Mobile Applications: Apps for phones or tablets provide a digital environment that combines several activities. They provide a the kid a virtual world where he can experience and interact with several situations sitting comfortably in their bed. A child can touch, swipe, and talk to the device. There are even specifically designed applications for kids to learn English. Such apps can be used very effectively to enrich the language capabilities of a kid.

7. Using Videos: Many parents think the time spent by a kid on screen as a wasted time. Yes! Excessive use of screen is detrimental to the health of kids yet if used in moderation they prove very powerful, and stimulating tools for English language learning. A child learns much by Imitating the dialogues used in videos. However it is advisable that the parents must ascertain that their kids are watching safe and worthy videos that will help them improve their speaking. Let them watch animation channels on YouTube that focus on teaching English. These animated stories with visuals and narration engage your kids effortlessly and help them Improve their English Fluency. If your kid complains of not understanding the language you can even use subtitles. Let them read from the subtitles and comprehend actions and situations. Gradually they will themselves stop using the subtitles.

And last but not the least,

8. Keeping the Motivation Level High: In the process of language acquisition it is of utmost importance that the learner should never feel pressurized or de-motivated. Even if he commits mistakes in using words, uses erroneous sentence structures, or pronounces a word wrongly, you must neither humiliate nor chide him. Such a thing will only hamper his learning process .

All of these ways pointed above form part of the English immersion technique. English immersion is to exposes a child to English used in the real world.

Though the process of language acquisition, by a kid, takes its own time yet it is in your hands to make this process a fun activity for your family. You can do this by devising strategies that blend fun with English learning of your kid. Every kid likes playing games, watching videos and interacting with mobile apps. Used properly, they prove to be very effective means of language learning. Here motivation and engagement level of the child is of particular importance. Show your eagerness and enthusiasm for English language even if you find yourself not so good in English. Your kid is sure to pick up your enthusiasm very soon.

English Immersion imitates the natural way of language acquisition. If you like please share the article with your friends.

© 2019 Sanket Kumar Jha


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