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How to Overcome the Stay at Home Mommy Blues

Updated on December 21, 2015
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Kathryn is an author, mom and marine wife. Her passion is to help other through the day to day living.

You're laying on your bedroom floor because your unmade bed is covered in clothes that need to be folded. Your toddler just fell asleep for a nap. There are lunch dishes to do and a mess of toys scattered... everywhere. You just can't move because: 1. You're exhausted. 6am came early! 2. You're petrified your child is going to hear you move from across the house and wake up.

It doesn't take too many days in a row alone with small children to make a person a little crazy. There isn't anything wrong with that. The key is learning to regroup, simplify and find the joy and purpose in each day.

1. Simplify. Overcomplicating life makes things way harder than they have to be. Look at your schedule or what you do day to day and find what isn't necessary. If you're a clean freak, do you have to vacuum the carpet every day? Or could you get by with once a week? Instead of cleaning up the toys all day long, leave them out until "clean up time" at the end of the day and let the kids help you clean up. Are so many different lessons and activities for the kids really needed? Does your son like piano lessons okay, but really prefer soccer? Instead of going to the grocery store every other day, try making a bigger list and go once a week or even less. Taking things off the list of "to do" adds time! And time is good, right?!

2. Ask For Help. It's easy to feel like you have to do it alone, but you don't have to do it by yourself! If you need a break, get a baby sitter for the afternoon and go relax. Just a few hours alone, with your spouse or friends can make all the difference.

3. Have A Place for All that Stuff! Often times the cause of our frustration stems from messiness. If that's that case, you may not even realize it. A clean space is usually a happy space. Clear off that desk covered in bills and paper and use storage containers. If stuff has a designated place, it is so much easier to clean up.

4. Find a Venting Partner. One of the best things you can do on those stressful, overwhelming days is vent. Yes, venting! Letting off steam onto someone who is willing to listen is a lot better than taking to out on your kids. Not to mention you feel so much better afterward!

5. Accept this Season of Life. Finally, coming to place where you realize that your hair may be messy all day, stains on your clothes are common and a constantly dirty floor are normal. You can just sit back and notice the good things once you accept those things and stop beating yourself up.

Those babies are worth the exhausting days of raising them. The dishes can wait, but those children won't. When they're grown and moved away, you'll be thankful that you let the little stuff slide. Little arms around you neck are worth all of that mess. You'll have time to clean that up later. For now, just breathe.

© 2015 Kathryn Isaacs


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