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How to Prevent Your Child from Getting Lost in an Amusement Park

Updated on March 3, 2010
Losing a child at amusement park may take a second and it may feel like an eternity, seeman,
Losing a child at amusement park may take a second and it may feel like an eternity, seeman,

It may be the amazing number of people around, the overwhelming quantity of distractions or the fact that it just seems like everybody is dressed in the same way on some days, that makes a theme park the ideal place for a child to get lost. It may just take a split second;  the time necessary  to turn around and hand some change to the cotton candy seller and your child is gone. The moments following are a mix of panic and desperation, something no parent will ever want to endure.

If a trip to a theme park is under way, it is best to plan carefully so to know what to do. This is the best course of action, since even the most attentive parents can lose sight of their child whether their child gets shuffled amidst the crowd or willfully decides to take off on his own to try a ride or purchase a snack.  Knowledge in this case is power, because if both parents and children will know what to do, they will quickly be reunited without wasting time. Following are some tips on what to do if your child gets lost at a them park. 

What to do if Your Child gets Lost at a Theme Park

• Don't Panic

Easier said than done, but you really want to be clear minded when you are searching for your child. If you let panic get in the way you may have a hard time focusing and making clear minded decisions. Try to simply focus on the fact that your child may be just feet away from you and is not in any harm. Your child may have just stopped to look at something or may have lost sight of you for a second. Look around yourself and try to focus on what may have happened.

• Ask Around

If after searching a few minutes, you clearly realize that your child is not close-by, it is best to contact a park employee, or better a security officer. Let them know that your child is lost and give them a clear description of what your child looks like, age, height and what your child was wearing. This is when pictures come handy. All parents should take a picture of their child upon entering the park using a digital camera or cellphone, this way the security officer has an exact image of how your child is dressed and what he or she looks like.

• Follow the Instructions

The security officer may advice you to stay where you are while he goes to check around or stop by the area designed to collect lost children. Try to cooperate even though you may not agree with his advice. These are pros that are use to dealing with these situations on a daily basis. Staying where you are is good advice since your child may be nearby or may remember that the last time he saw you the two of you were next to a specific ride. 

• Know About the Lost Children Center

While the feelings affecting both parents and the lost child may be unbearable during such times, theme parks are awfully used to such occurrences. Indeed, they deal with this on a daily basis. So while thoughts about child abductions, and other awful happenings populate your mind, very likely your child is safely waiting for you in some specific spot designated for pick up. Walt Disney world for instance has a designated Lost Children Center, located right next to the baby care center. 

If hours go by and your child still does not show up, security may decide to contact the local authorities. This occurrence is quite rare, since lost children are often spotted by others and are therefore, often automatically taken to the designated lost children centers. Upon being reunited with your child, don't be mad at him or her, rather congratulate for the braveness and  celebrate being back together, nothing is more important than a happy ending!

How to Prevent Your Child from Getting Lost at Theme Parks

Of course, ideally the best thing is to avoid children getting lost in the first place. Following are some idea to lessen the chances of your child getting lost.

  • Dress your Child in Bright Clothing
  • Invest in Good Walkie-Talkies
  • Use a Harness of Toddler
  • Use a Child Locator GPS
  • Purchase two Cellphones
  • Place a Tag with Your Info on your Child
  • and best of all... have a plan!

Cellphones and a good plan on what to do in case the two of you get separated may make the difference from losing sight for a few seconds or searching for hours. If the two are you get lost no matter all the precautions, following is the best course of action.

Some valuable tools to keep your children close

LOK8U NUM8-BLACK Child Locator GPS Watch
LOK8U NUM8-BLACK Child Locator GPS Watch

Personal GPS Locator Designed Exclusively to Locate Children

Digital Watch Cannot be Removed or Deactivated without Your Knowledge

Set Unique Safe Zones in Which Your Child Can Play and You Will Know if Child Steps Out



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    • profile image

      Zoltan P. Ackermann 7 years ago

      I known about a tool that can keep an eye on your child and notify you when he/she goes away:

      This is a mobile application called BluCop, it uses the Bluetooth feature of your phone to monitor another Bluetooth device (e.g. a phone or a headset) and notify you if the connection is broken.

      You can give it a free try on

    • profile image

      Sheena Smith 7 years ago

      Every weekend my whole family regularly goes to an amusement park as part of our family bonding. I am confident enough to let my kids play around even without my supervision because they are registered to SafeKidZone. It has a mobile security application that is packed with features designed to help prevent danger while at the same time being able to handle emergencies when they occur. My child protection check out,

    • ocbill profile image

      ocbill 8 years ago from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

      good advice as we may hit Disneyworld soon. I like the GPS and bright clothing part. The picture ison the cellphone already so check

    • Darlene Sabella profile image

      Darlene Sabella 8 years ago from Hello, my name is Toast and Jam, I live in the forest with my dog named Sam ...

      Very scary thought, so many strangers walking around, I was told that I got lost at an amusement park. My daughter, got lost at the Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena, she was there with her grandmother. We were on our way to the super bowl when I got the call.

    • alexadry profile image

      Adrienne Janet Farricelli 8 years ago from USA

      Did your child ever get lost in an amusement park? Share your story here...