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How to Raise a Fuss Free Kid

Updated on March 7, 2011

Can Sleep Anywhere

Don't Sweat The Small Stuff

When my son was just a baby, some people did not quite understand why I am not as obsessive with cleanliness as most parents out there. Why I don't whip out a bottle of hand sanitzer or baby wipes in a heartbeat. Why I just let some of things "go" and not worry about the noises or the pollution all around me.

Why to some people, I seemed to be one of the most negligent new mothers back in 2007. 

Parenting Tips that might Revolt you.

Here are some parenting tips that no mother will ever think of sharing, but I am sharing because it worked for me. And you must  take full responsibility if you do choose to heed the crazy tips that I am about to tell you. 

  1. Give him a bath using cold tap water when he's 4 months and above. Well, not the freezing type of cold water okay? When it's summer or when you just need to give your baby a quickie bath to remove the stinky milk scent of puke. Giving him a bath using plain tap water is just fine. Now that my son is 4 years old, we can go camping and I he can tolerate a cold bath just fine.... Just as long as it's quick.
  2. Make a some noise when your baby is asleep. Not sexual noise please! I know that's the first thing that comes to mind when you read that first sentence. What I mean is using the vacuum  cleaner nearby sometimes, even if your baby is taking a nap. Or chatting on the phone even if you're in the same room where your precious is sleeping. I figured, if they're exposed to a little noise while sleeping when they're young, they can fall asleep amidst some noise when they get bigger. 
  3. Don't pat their butt or their face, rub the dirt off, HARD. I know I was extremely sensitive to my son's skin when he was months old. But when he started to sit up by himself, I don't just pat his face clean. I rub off the traces of baby food from his cheek, a little hard than I did when he was a baby. I did the same when I wiped his butt clean after he does his number 2. We do live in a harsh world, he might as well get used to a little harshness from the start.
  4. Let him crawl around on the floor. This one can be a bit controversial for some. I don't fuss too much when I see my son crawling on the floor while were in a mall  or somewhere, not so immaculately clean. I don't let him do this often of course, and I do choose the public places where he can literally roll around. The result? My 4 year old does not get sick easily. His body got used to the germs that he is occasionally blasted with when he was young.
  5. Change his diaper ANYWHERE. I never rushed to bathroom every time my baby poops in his nappy. Instead, I changed his diaper right there in his stroller when the need arises. Mind you that I am considerate especially when the accident happens in a restaurant. If this is the case, I have no choice but to find a toilet with a diaper changing area... Or in the table where there are no other customers nearby. :)

Easy-breezy kid.

After doing the above mentioned tips, a lot of family and friends think of my son as a "backpack."

He's the type of kid that isn't fussy, does not get sick easy, not much of a whiner and a "backpack" that you can bring almost anywhere.

May not work for everybody though, since all  kids are different and unique in their own way. 

How about you? Any tips on how to raise fuss free kids?


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    • HuggingMommy profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thanks! Glad you liked it - sort of :D

    • thebookmom profile image


      7 years ago from Nebraska

      Very Practical and a bit extraordinary! Good things to think on....thanks for writing.

    • HuggingMommy profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      That's true... May raise a few eyebrows... But this one worked for me :)

    • profile image

      Fay Paxton 

      7 years ago

      Good tips. Who wouldn't want to raise a fuss-free kid?


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