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How to Spend Quality Family Time Together

Updated on January 10, 2016

Your family is your greatest treasure. Reality, though, is almost always quick to hit you hard in the face, as if to remind you: you're spending too much time at work. And that's confusing to you because you know work is important—how else are you going to be able to provide for them, right? But you also know that a happy life dwells in spending quality time with your family. And so you go, "alright, how do I take it to a whole new level?"

This is where I come in! I have listed below some of the fun and memorable things you can do with your wife and kids—a great bonding time, guaranteed! Ready?

1. Read a story to your children.

Everyone loves a good story, so if you have small kids around it would be wonderful if you tell them a story just before bedtime. You and your spouse can even do it together, taking turns in either making up the story or reading from a book. A good old fairy tale is a nice choice but sometimes it would be even better if you can make up your own story as you go along. Kids love spontaneous things and they will truly be enamored with their storytelling parents.

2. Share a meal together.

With your busy work life, it is probably a rare occurrence that your family can sit down together to have a meal. Do it whenever you can because it is a very good opportunity to not only share a meal but also to have a meaningful conversation with everyone. This is the best time for you to ask your children what they have been up to, what interests them lately, and if they are having any problems at school. I guarantee they will cherish this extra attention they are getting from you.

3. Get a family portrait.

Maybe it’s about time that you update that old family portrait hanging on the wall. Whether you take the photograph yourself or a hire a professional photographer, just preparing for it would be a great bonding time for your family. And instead of doing it inside the house, why not schedule it at a fun location like a picnic or camping ground with a spectacular backdrop. If you want some inspiration, it’s a good idea to look at the blog of a family portrait photographer.

4. Go to a theme park.

Treat your kids to a trip to their favorite theme park and spend almost the whole day there trying out the rides and games. A lot of us have some of our fondest family memories at a theme park so it’s definitely worth your time to take your children there. And while you’re there, take that opportunity to snap a lot of photos that you can later display at home or online.

5. Do chores together.

Now this is one of my favorites. Why? Because not only do you get to spend time together, but the house also gets to be cleaned! Well, at least when done properly and not in a playful way as most little kids would do chores. Take this time to instruct your kids on the importance of being responsible and on why they need to keep the house clean. You can all start small by just letting the kids clean their rooms. It’s a great way to get them started.

6. Cook meals together.

Children would love to try cooking so let them do their own pancake batter and allow to cook it themselves. If you’re into baking, then let them bake their own cookies or brownies. Just be warned that this activity is guaranteed to be messy especially it’s the little hands that will be doing most of the work. All you need to do is to guide them and make sure they are safe.

7. Work more from home.

This last bit I will admit is not that easy to pull off. Not all of us have jobs that can easily be done at home instead of the office. But should you do, then this is definitely worth giving a shot. You can ask your boss to allow you to work from home even if just for a couple of days so you can be with your family a little more often. And should you be allowed to do it, don’t bury yourself in your work. Finish it early so you can get to spend more time with the family.

Time is gold so start having great family time now!

It’s not rocket science to figure out a way for you to be with your family more frequently. Always remember that nothing can be more special to a child than to have his or her parents around. So do that extra effort to bond with your family and to not just burn yourself out doing work.


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