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How to Start a Lego Playgroup for Kids

Updated on October 1, 2014

Arrange Lego Play Dates for Kids

Does your child love legos? Would you like him or her to build teamwork skills, develop friendships, and just have fun? Consider forming your own lego playgroup in your town or city.

Your child will enjoy fun lego -themed playdates, go on field trips, have educational team projects and much more.A lego playgroup is great for both home schooled, and public/private schooled children.

It is ideal that you already had an assortment of legos, lego figures and lego building parts before starting the group. If you need more, check out eBay for a wide selection of pre-owned legos.

Brainstorm your expectations for the Lego playgroup.

Decide how often you would like the group to meet, ages for the group, and if you'd be willing to host the group at your home. You might also decide how many kids can join. These can all be changed later, but it's great to have a general plan in place.

Since you are starting the group, you might base the requirements for joining on your own child. For example, if you have a 7- year old boy, consider making the group for boys between the ages of 6 and 9. Or, if you have two children (both a boy and girl) who enjoy legos, set member requirements as kids between the ages of 5 and 10.

You will also need to decide on the maximum number of members allowed for the playgroup. Generally it is best to keep it below twelve children. However, you might consider allowing up to fifteen to join.

Get it Online

It is ideal to have an online portal for the group. This will help with organization, events, getting to know new members and much more. A group website or page will make it easy to decide play dates, accept new members, and advertise the playgroup.

The best site for your Lego playgroup is probably Meet-Up here. There is a small fee, however, you could use the site to get it started and then move it to a Facebook group or other free site. Other websites to consider are Big Tent and Qlubb.


Advertise and Promote the Group

After you've set up an online spot, it's time to advertise. First, advertise among your friends and family. Post it in your status update on Facebook. Try advertising to local home school groups. Also, post fliers up at local grocery stores, libraries and other places where families go. Your local newspaper might enjoy running an article about it as well. Another place to promote the group is on Craigslist, and a local Cafemom group.

Some additional ideas on where to advertise are:

  • kids' gymnastics facilities
  • child care centers that have after school programs
  • local elementary schools
  • pediatrician offices and clinics
  • gyms that offer childcare to parents
  • boy scout troops

Set up the first Lego Play Date

If you feel comfortable with it, have the first lego play date at your home. If not, consider hosting it at:

  • Children's classroom at a church (If you do not attend a church, ask members if their church might be willing to allow you to rent the room)
  • Your local library (Most have rooms you can borrow for free)
  • Rented room in a community center or children's museum
  • School classroom (If the public school will not allow it, some private schools might.)

For the first lego playgroup meeting, you might just have the kids to play together with legos. This will teach them sharing and even some team work skills.

For future play dates, hold lego challenges. This means you divide the group into two teams and see which team can build the bigger tower (or building, city, etc) first. You might consider purchasing 75 Ways to Learn with Legos for tips on teaching fun lessons.

First Lego League Robot

Consider hiring a college student to help.

Many engineering students have experience with lego robotics. He or she might be willing to offer a session two introduce the kids to lego mindstorms / robotics. You would have to charge dues, but the help from an "expert" might be worth it.

If there is a college in your town, contact the Engineering department to see if they know of students who might want to help. Or, you could post ads on websites such as and It could eventually turn into a competitive FIRST Lego League team.

These are just a handful of tips for starting a lego playgroup. For younger children, you could also host non-lego play dates occasionally for the playgroup. Please read "Preschool Playgroup Advice: 10 Fun Indoor Play Date Ideas."

Good Luck!

Have you considering starting a lego play group?

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