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How to Stimulate Baby's Brain

Updated on December 25, 2011

The first year of baby's life is crucial for brain development. Parent should not to waste every moment in starting to stimulate baby's brain from the moment they born. Here are some easy things that you can do to stimulate your baby's brain:

Example of baby nursery rhymes

Talk and sing to your baby.

Baby learns language through everyday experience with parents, not through lesson. Research shows that parents who talk more to their babies have babies who talk more and learn language better. It is also good to sing to your baby with nursery rhymes, TV jingles or your favorite songs. It can greatly increase your baby's cognitive skills.

Use educational and bright colored toys

The toys not necessarily expensive,but at least can stimulates baby's mind, senses, curiosity and imagination. It‘s important to choose age-appropiate toy, as some toys may danger to them. There are many toys in the market, such as building blocks, push and pull toys, rattles, playmat/activity gyms, stacking rings, baby mirrors and many more which parents can easily buy online. Choose toys that work on the different senses.

Encourage physical activity

Promote a variety of physical activities allow baby to develop different types of skills. If necessary use suitable toys that encourage physical activity, for example
1) Take your baby's hands in yours and gently clap them together to the music.
2) Kicking ball together
3) If he's old enough, allows him to move, climb, run, roll and play until he is tired

Video on How to Stimulate Cognitive Development in Infants

THREE quick tips..

- During play time session, never leave your baby unattended and don't move the object to quickly, or she will lose her focus.

- Don't use television to stimulate your baby's brain. In fact, TV and videos over stimulate a baby's brain.

- Last but not least, don't neglect you and your baby's needs for good nutrition, exercise, rest and regular medical.


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