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How to Support Your Teen's Efforts in Studies?

Updated on September 28, 2015

Not all children can be star students. But you, as a parent, can support the efforts of your children in their education. Let us see how.

1. Establish the right expectations and communicate your expectations to them

Studies have revealed that if parents impart the message about their expectations into the minds of their children, they will start performing accordingly. Of course, this may not happen immediately which means parents should keep repeating to their children what they expect from them. On the other hand, if they keep repeating that their children are likely to just get through their examinations, they may only get average grades. In short, your children should not get the idea that you have very low expectations from them. This is as dangerous as setting unrealistically very high expectations.

Some parents commit the mistake of insisting that their teens should always get what is known as "the perfect score." This will get these parents the opposite results because their children may give up very soon. Further, when they are not able to fulfill the expectations of their parents, they may get dejected also. This means you should have realistic expectations and convey them to your children. These expectations can be challenging to a reasonable extent but there should not be undue pressure on the children.

Do not allow your teens to over-sleep during weekends and holidays

You are not doing any favor to your teens by allowing them to over-sleep during weekends and holidays. Though children need sufficient rest, allowing them to over-sleep may disrupt their normal sleep patterns. They may have trouble sleeping during nights and this may exhaust them during daytime. Especially, if they are tired while attending classes, they can not grasp what is being taught.

3. Do not give more importance to other activities than to Academics

It is good if your children are good at extra-curricular activities but if you want them to shine in their studies, you can not afford to give more importance to those activities than to their studies. This means that children should understand that you expect them to be as good in their studies as in those activities.

4. Be actively involved in their education

A common phenomenon often seen is when children grow up and start attending high school, most of the parents stop involving themselves with their education. Of course, their growth may not permit you to involve in the same manner as you had been doing when they were young. But completely severing yourself from their educational activities may spoil the chances of their success.

You should therefore continue to attend parent-teacher conferences and keep yourself abreast of the policies or procedures of the school so your teens understand that their education means a lot to you.

Never prevent children from committing mistakes

All of us commit mistakes and children are no different. But many parents inculcate in the minds of their children the thinking that committing mistakes is a crime.

That is the reason these parents nag them, keep reminding them and force them to double-check their assignments so there are no mistakes. You should understand that committing mistakes in homework or assignments can be a good way of learning things because when children experience the consequences of their mistakes, they can become more responsible.

Say 'no' to electronics

Children do not know how to set limits on their usage of electronic devices. They are distracted a lot by constant chatting or sending and receiving messages on social media sites. You should curb this habit because this may disrupt their sleep schedule. So, they may not be able to focus on their studies. Therefore, you should establish strict rules about using electronic devices.

Apart from the above, you should guide your children to a good future by talking to them about their career aspirations. You must also encourage them to join classes that may help them in achieving their aspirations.


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    • swalia profile image

      Shaloo Walia 2 years ago from India

      Useful tips..thanks for sharing!