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Gender Reveal Party, How to Tell Family and Friends You are Having a Boy, Baby Boy Announcement Ideas

Updated on December 11, 2013

Telling People your Big News

The excitement has been building and now it is time to tell friends and family the gender of your baby. It’s a BOY!

Gender reveal parties are the newest in the exciting world of telling people your grand news about your baby. Will it be a boy or a girl? People want to know, and you can't wait to tell.

Here are some simple, creative, and fun ways to tell the exciting news:

1. Cut the cake

Many bakeries will bake a cake in a lovely blue or pink shade (food coloring is the magic here, of course) and then ice the cake in a neutral color. Invite friends or family over and cut the cake together. The color that shows, tells the gender. Suspense, excitement, celebration, and cake all in the same night!

Perhaps the grandparents should have the honor of cutting the cake. Or maybe the new dad (the girls do get a lot of other attention during the pregnancy, so maybe this could be his moment).

Some friends or family out-of-town? Try videoing the experience and sending it via email. Or better yet, Skype or Face Time the cake cutting. This way allows for live viewing of the experience for all you want included in this special moment.

2. Balloons

Take a picture of your lovely lady in her cutest pregnancy attire, holding a big bunch of balloons. You guessed it, make the balloons blue.

You might want to include a clever phrase a the bottom of the photo or on the back of the picture. Some people might need a big hit, or an outright statement like, "It's a Boy" to understand the sweet picture.

3. Take a creative picture

Have someone take a picture of you, the proud parents, wearing all blue. Put a caption on the photo that reads something like this, "Any guesses about what we are having?" or "Did you get the hint? We are having a BOY". Surprise friends and family by emailing the picture, posting it on a social site like Facebook or Instagram, or send it via good ol' fashioned U.S. Postal Service mail.

4. Give hints

Invite the people you want to share your news with over for a dinner party. Formal or informal, think of a way to make the food or decorations share your news without all out telling it to everyone. See who can guess first when they are served BLUE mashed potatoes or there is a BLUE light bulb in the bathroom light fixture.

5. Have a Pink or Blue party

Invite parents, grandparents, friends, and even neighbors if you like, over for a "Pink or Blue" Party. Ask guests to dress in attire that shows their guess as to whether you are having a boy or a girl. Special prizes should be given to guests who have guessed correctly. Perhaps something like a pack of blue bubble gum or a small bag of blue M&Ms.

Make sure to take a group picture sometime during the party. Put the picture in your baby's scrapbook. It'll help when telling him the fun (and funny) memories of the night.

6. Just make some phone calls.

Some people just aren’t into big hype. No balloons, no dinner party, just a phone call from you to the special people in your lives. Simple and sweet. Just tell the news and wait for the squeals from the people you love on the other end.


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