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How to Tell Your Parents that you are Pregnant

Updated on August 27, 2015

I'm Pregnant What do I do?

You have done the test a few times and you have skipped your monthly periods...panic has set in.

The first thing that you have to do is understand that you are not alone and your family will support you no matter what happens.

Telling your parents should be the first thing that you do and for you to tell them, you will need some courage.

By letting your parents know that you are pregnant, you will feel safer and stronger with someone supporting you in every aspect of the pregnancy.

Your life does not have to be over because you have made a mistake but it will change drastically. For you to go through a pregnancy, you do need people around you that know all about it and can give you advice and help during this time.

Your first step is to tell your parents so that they can be there for you.

How to Tell Your Parents That You Are Pregnant

After you have had some time to process what has happened and you have had a good cry, you can then find a way to get some courage to tell your parents. They should be the first to know.

Yes, they will freak out, feel disappointed, angry and sad but at the same time they will help you and find a way to accept that you are pregnant....mistakes do happen and you need to learn from them and work through them.

Getting the courage to tell your parents is the hardest part but it can be done in a few easy steps.

Don't panic, it's not the end of the world.
Don't panic, it's not the end of the world.
You have done the test over and over!
You have done the test over and over!

Don't Panic

You need to be calm when you get your parents together to tell them what has happened.

After you have heard the news that you are pregnant, your emotions will be all over the place and you will feel shocked, scared, confused and alone. You will have all sorts of things happening in your head; how could this happen to me, my life is over, my family is going to kill me.... the list goes on.

What you need to know is that you are pregnant and it is what it is. Working through your emotions and moving forward is what you have to do next, so be strong and be confident that you can get through this with the help of your family.

When you have understood that you are pregnant, you can then go and speak to your parents.

Don't go and shout it out as a surprise at dinner but ask them if you can speak to them about something a little later on.

They need a warning too, otherwise they will freak out and react in the wrong way.

Be calm, let them know that you need to speak to them and gather your thoughts and what you are going to tell them.

Your parents might be angry but give them time
Your parents might be angry but give them time

Plan What to Tell Your Parents

They will want to know how it happened, with whom and when you took the test.

Have all the information ready for them and just be honest and open about it because you have now passed the "keeping it to yourself" stage.

Your parents need to know the facts;

Is the boy your boyfriend?

Have you done a pregnancy test?

Do you love him?

Are you prepared to be a mom?

Will you continue to finish your education?

Does the father know?

Are you going to tell him?

Will you need your parents support in telling him?

These are a few questions that might be asked during the conversation so before they ask you, just come out and tell them.

The first thing that you should say is that you have some serious news to tell them and that you are sorry if they are going to feel disappointed and finally, you need their support to get through this.

Just come out and tell them!

Your parents will support you
Your parents will support you

What to Expect from your Parents

Once they have heard the news they will either cry, get angry or say nothing at all. Give them time to soak it all in because this news is even bigger for them then it is for you as they will have to support you financially as well as emotionally.

Any parent expects their children to finish school, have a good education, be successful with a career, find a perfect man to marry and then have grandchildren. They will be disappointed that this has happened but only because it is too soon.

They will need time to process, like you did and then they will think of a solution together with you.

Give them the time to think and let them know that you will be strong enough to achieve your goals as well as become a mom, by learning how through them.

How do you stop anxiety?

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Don't wait too long to tell them

You are ashamed and guilty and very, very anxious but the longer you wait to tell your parents that you are pregnant, the worse it will seem. Don't forget the clock is ticking now and you need help to ensure that your pregnancy will go well.

Let your parents know as soon as you can and if they are not the kind of parents that you can talk to then perhaps it is a good idea to tell a sibling or a friend first, so that they can be there to support you, when letting your parents know.

Allow them to show and feel emotion

Your parents might be angry, they might cry and they might even call you names but just go with it and do not take it personally.

They love you and if they do say things that might be upsetting it is just because of the shock. They do not mean it and they will need time to process.

Abortion or adoption might come up but at the end of the day it is your decision to make and your parents will also probably choose for you to be pregnant and become a mother.

It is a frightening thought because your youth is now over and you need to grow up instantly but pregnancy and becoming a mom is a wonderful gift!!!

Pregnancy is a gift!
Pregnancy is a gift!
Teen pregnancy is common as they do not use contraception and have a  90% chance
Teen pregnancy is common as they do not use contraception and have a 90% chance

Facts about Teen Pregnancy

You are not alone; if your parents do not support you then there are a number of options to choose from and many pregnancy support groups to go to for help.

A sexually active teen has 90% chance of becoming pregnant; Contraception or no contraception, it can happen and most teens do not use it.

8 out of 10 teen dads do not marry the baby mom; Many of these guys choose to walk away or support them financially but choose not to marry the mother of their child.

Many young teen moms never finish their education; This is a mistake as you will need to support your child through their education and other needs.

Most parents are supportive; They might be shocked to begin with but they do stand by you.

The United States has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates

Tips on how to tell your parents that you are pregnant

There are a few videos that have girls speaking about how they told their parents. Have a look at this one and if you are not satisfied with this then go to youtube and have a look for some more. There are a few that tell you how they did it.

Be strong

Even though this seems bad and you don't know how to handle the situation, just remember that your parents love you no matter what.

Mistakes happen and how you deal with them and work through them will make a difference with the help and support from your family.

Don't take too long to tell them.

Give them time to process and allow them to speak.

Think about your future as it is now going to change drastically.

Do not give up on education because you will need to support your baby.

Be strong and accept that your life is going to change.

Do you need some courage to tell your family?

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    • Tashaonthetown profile image

      Natasha Pelati 4 years ago from South Africa

      I hope so and thank you! Not a great topic for some but it is a reality and hopefully girls that do fall pregnant will understand that they are not alone and they have help.... to choose life!

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 4 years ago from Olympia, WA

      I just dropped by to lend support. Obviously this one does not apply to me, but hopefully many young girls will find help in your words.