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How to Throw The Best Children's Fairy Party Ever

Updated on December 22, 2009

Here are some great strategies for throwing the best little girls' Fairy party ever. Little girls love to be involved in the magic and the glamour of a sparkly world. A fairy Birthday party gives them just that opportunity. We have parties for my daughter throughout the year, always culminating in a giant Halloween event. Here are some successful items from our Birthday Fairy Party. The age range of the girls was 5-9.  Each child was invited to come dressed as a fairy, but not required to.  We provided some fairy fun for everyone.

A child costumed in Fairy gear stands in a paper forest.  Children like to be involved in their environment.  Rolls of white paper are a must for a parent who entertains.
A child costumed in Fairy gear stands in a paper forest. Children like to be involved in their environment. Rolls of white paper are a must for a parent who entertains.

The How To...

Fairy Crowns

Upon Arrival, each girl was given a special fairy crown to wear. I made these in advance because they require the use of a hot glue gun. Teenagers might love doing this themselves. I got everything for these at Michael's. My daughter helped with these, and picked out which colors and butterflies her friends would like.


You need: Green Pipe Cleaners, miscellaneous fake flowers, ribbon, embellishments

  1. Take two pipe cleaners and make a circle, measure your child's head to make sure it sits neatly on their head, twirl ends together.
  2. Pull the flowers off of the stems of silk flowers (they usually pop off quite easily)
  3. Glue flowers around the circle with a hot glue gun. Leave about a half inch of space between flowers. I find it's good to use 2-3 different color flowers.
  4. Choose 2-3 colors of ribbon, Cut in long equal lengths of about 30 inches.
  5. Weave the ribbon around the flower crown, in between the flowers, leaving about 7 inches hanging behind at the beginning.
  6. Tie the Ribbon in a bow where it meets and leave the loose ribbon to hang behind.
  7. Glue on any embellishment. We used Butterflies.

Fairy Names

Upon Arrival, each girl also selected a fairy name. I put fun fairly words in two bags, and girls drew one from each to make their name. Here are some sample words.

Bag/Basket 1: Gold Sparkle Glitter Cherry Misty Silver Sweet Rock Star

Bag/Basket 2: Dew Dancer Blossom Berry Shine Cream Feather River

Name Possibilities= RockBerry SparkleShine GlitterBlossom etc.

We had the girls sit in a circle when they had all arrived and introduce themselves with their fairy names. They then each got to say 2 things about themselves, and 1 thing they liked about the birthday girl.

Enchanted Forest

Before the Party, we covered the walls in white rolls of paper and taped them securely at the edges. Like most families, we have a truly ludicrous amount of crayons, and a bin containing all of the rejected broken ones, or ones missing their friends. Although, like everyone else with kids knows, there's never a black crayon.

We drew a light sketch of a forest on the paper the night before the party, a few trees, some bushes. When each girl had gotten her crown and name, she was invited to draw her own fairy, or a few, and maybe some butterflies, and flowers on the wallpaper. We had such a beautiful creation by the end that it took us a month to take down. It was also a great "boredom buster." If one of the girls didn't like what we were doing, they could go draw some more.

Get Outside

We took our gorgeous little fairy troupe on a walk to a local park. We also visited a local pond that was full of frogs. It gave the girls some time to be less structured, and just enjoy the feel of the day.

Planned Crafts

I bought a bunch of sun catchers and we painted them outside. These are inexpensive and fun, and also gives the girls something to take home.


We had chips and pretzels, and star shaped lemon cupcakes. We made chocolate ones as well for the picky eaters, but the lemon were easily the favorite, and had a certain magical flair.


We didn't give out any candy to take home. Each girl got to keep her fairy crown and sun-catchers, and We bought dollar store magic wands to hand out.

The most fun is just getting into the fairy idea, and sharing the joy with the girls. If you stress out too much about structure, then the party stops being fun. We let the girls leave an activity if they wanted and go do something else. Remember: It's a PARTY!

The Mess

Be Ready, and shake it off.  It's just a little time, and your child will remember how happy they were.  Don't spoil it by crabbing about a few cupcake crumbs or some red Hi-C on the white carpet.  It's just stuff.

I hope this was helpful to any mom's out there working on parties. I think my daughter's are usually pretty successful and am always glad to share.


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    • GarnetBird profile image

      Gloria Siess 

      8 years ago from Wrightwood, California

      Lovely Hub--check out my Hub on Protecting Our Children From Sexual Abuse. I used to live in Ohio and I appreciated the Cow piece. Take care-



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