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How to Tire Kids Out to Get Them to Sleep

Updated on May 30, 2013

Bedtime Routines Help Get Kids to Bed

Here are a few tips to get kids ready for bed and send them off to sleep land.

  • Shower or bath, a quiet relaxing one
  • Story time
  • Lotion and massage
  • Brushing their hair
  • Music, relaxing not our favorite kids band The Boogers
  • Low lights
  • Warm Blankies

A Long Day, The Kids have Energy to Burn!

It is always those days when i am exhausted beyond belief that my kids have energy to burn and nowhere to run it off. My youngest is an ace at staying up past my bedtime let alone his. He is one of those kids that will probably always be a night owl so we try our best to tire them out in order to get them to bed at a decent hour and give us a little time to unwind.

Our best bet to is to tie both kids out so that bedtime goes smoothly and easily. My favorite night are when both kids are asleep within 5 minutes of tuck in. It is a magical combination that I always try to recreate.

Time to Play Before Bedtime

Playtime! Get Nice and tired kids!
Playtime! Get Nice and tired kids! | Source

Tips for Tiring Out Kids

Here are a few ways to get my kids tired out.

  • Laps around the house inside or out
  • The park
  • Bike riding
  • A good game of chess or checkers - brain exhaustion
  • Jumping Rope
  • Laundry - why this tires my kids out, I have no clue but it always seems to work
  • 5 minute quick pick up
  • Dance Party in the living room - this used to be a kitchen party but I have a smaller kitchen now
  • Yoga - my 6 yr old is better than I am
  • Tickle Fest
  • Nerf Wars - everyone grab your nerf gun and GO!

Played Hard and Sleep Well Child

Sleepy Child
Sleepy Child | Source

Steps for Getting those Tired Kids to Admit They are Tired and Go to Bed

Let's face it my 4 year old is never going to admit he is tired, in fact when he is the most tired he insists that he is wide awake. I can trick them into showing me they are tired. I ask them to come help me with something small and simple that requires them sitting on my lap our next to me. Once they are settled in we can chat or read or snuggle and watch some TV, if they can sit for more than 3 minutes without moving I know that they are tired or maybe it is because they are constant motion otherwise.


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Things to Avoid if You want your Child to Sleep Well

Trying avoiding these things if you want your child to go to sleep at night.

  • Caffeinated Beverages
  • Cold/flu medicines - many of these contain caffeine.
  • Turn off electronics at least a half hour before bedtime

How Much Sleep Should My Child Get

Most school age kids do not get enough sleep. Most kids need between 10 - 11 hours of sleep. I know my own kids do not get this much sleep most nights. I would say we are more in the range of 9-10 hours, maybe this is why my kids are in better moods on the weekend when they sleep in.

If your child is tired or dozing off during the day they probably are not getting enough sleep. Even 30 to 60 minutes more sleep a night can positively affect your child's mood and behavior.

Kids that don't get enough sleep are also linked with being overweight. I wonder if i get more sleep if I would magically lose weight, maybe I have a new excuse for not getting out of bed to run in the morning.

Too Tired to Eat

We had a long day this particular day below. He was zonked. I was feeding the baby in the recliner across the room when my husband was feeding this little guy. Honestly the video goes on a little longer than I would have liked. Before he started the video he tried to pull him out of the highchair to put him to sleep and little man insisted he wanted to eat, so this is what played out.

We tired him out, okay maybe too much because he needs to eat lunch


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