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Updated on February 11, 2018

Ayurveda, or how to avoid allergies and protect our children

It was almost 35 years ago that I personally encountered allergies in infants. Not having much background in this matter, I blamed a packet of instant soup. Today, however, I know that things are, unfortunately, not as simple as they may seem.

When my son was born 19 years ago, I immediately signed a waiver refusing any vaccinations; the future proved me right. When my son turned four months old, his doctors, enraged by our behavior, practically foaming at the mouth, literally forced me to agree to vaccinate him, and oh, how I was wrong! Immediately following the vaccinations, my son developed allergies. After the next shot, almost a year later, my husband caved under pressure and agreed to hit my son with five more shots, for a total of ten! One must remember that some of those cocktails contain a combination of mutually exclusive viruses, and then the consequences are even harder to predict… As a result of these vaccinations, my son developed asthma. We are now forced to fight both his allergies and his asthma.

In newspapers you can read the story of the Khmara family, who filed a claim for the damage regular vaccines caused their son; the child developed autism and children’s schizophrenia. He received fifteen vaccinations before the age of two. The plaintiffs won, the company for that produced the vaccines has been obligated to pay the Khmara family 600 mln dollars, as reported by the "Motherhood" magazine.

Articles published by this journal, and other publications with excerpts from international conferences report startling information and figures, such as the number of sick children in Europe, as well as several deaths.

For many years I searched for different ways to help my son breathe during his asthma attacks, or for the ways to ease his endless coughing and sneezing. Starting with the hormone treatments offered by the doctors, I slowly moved toward homeopathy, Chinese medicine, and finally - Ayurveda.

A flyer published by a natural products store, once printed an article listing answers to the most frequently asked questions, in particular - what to do if your child suffers from a chronic cold caused by a chickenpox vaccine. The answer was given by an Ayurveda specialist. He gave some suggestions on what parents would need to do, and also mentioned that, while the vaccinated child may not even contract chickenpox, he will certainly retain the allergy-like symptoms he received as a result of the vaccination.

Parents must remember that the decision whether or not to vaccinate their child belongs to them, and then alone! The vaccination conference mentioned above particularly states the parents’ right to make that decision. It should be noted that more than 50 years ago, American doctors vaccinated children older than five, to allow their bodies to gain enough strength to fight the infections introduced by the vaccines.

Translated from Sanskrit, Ayurveda means “knowledge of (circle of) life. “ Ayur means the circle of life, veda means knowledge. 5,000 years ago, years before the development of the Chinese medicine, the holy men ‘Rishi’ were looking for ways to cure all known diseases. They may have come to India from Iran, devoted their lives to medical research. Even in those days they performed caesarean sections, which became known in Europe only 100 years ago.

Rishi divided people according to their physique and metabolism, and found that people with different types of the same disease should be treated differently, and that the foundation of all treatments is a proper diet. Of course, it may be hard to assign people to a certain type. Combinations of two or three types in one person are quite common. For example, my son – is a Kapha-Vata type, and my husband and daughter are Vata-Pita types. You don’t have to learn all the unfamiliar terminology on your own – it is recommended to see an Ayurveda specialist, who can help you determine your type and balance your diet, thereby improving your health.

And most importantly - be intelligent and vigilant parents; do not allow scientists to experiment on yourself, or your children and your loved ones.

Stay healthy!


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    • eneva profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Thanks Vocalcoach!

    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 

      6 years ago from Idyllwild Ca.

      I have been a long-time user of Ayurveda and have discovered the benefits. What a shame that we live in a society where we have little choice over vaccinating our children. Good article. voted up!


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