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How to look after twin toddlers

Updated on November 20, 2014

Twin Toddlers

Monitoring twin toddlers:--

When we talk about kids we talk about their behavior discipline,safety ,and their being naughty or pranky .imagine if you have multiple kids how would you then manage them ?They spend most of the time climbing biting dribbling screaming and what not .these things put parents especially the mother ,into a fix and drive her mad ,it becomes a parenting challenge to raise twins.
Our first step is towards the safety of our children ,so the first thing to do is never leave your children alone always be by their side ,you would never know when their pranks start .Crawling babies are not so problematic as the walkers .once they learn to walk they turn you mad ,most of the time you will see them on or under the furniture climbing kitchen table messing with kitchen eatables ,the may knock down the tin of rice or flour or spill water or milk ,all these things are unpredictable and you have to be on your toes until they go to bed. Toddlers are very clever they may be seen playing with remote control and putting the TV on or off Its not the time to be surprised and get mad over your kids .its time to keep things under your control and protect from hidden dangers .these little soldiers keep on marching where every they please such as washing machine, utensil washer bath tubs and what not.They can also be very resourceful in doing things ,if they can't reach somewhere to get something, you would be surprised to see your toddlers using a box or a stool or a bold toy to climb to reach object he or she wants.
To keep a check on your toddler put a gate on the stairs, latches on the cabinets in the kitchen or outside the kitchen. put a door barrage In many homes heavy pieces of furniture are placed so that they don't tip over, a stove guard or shield, a toilet lid lock, appliance locks for your dish washer and refrigerator.and many other safty measures .Avoid putting lock latches in the room or bathrooms sometimes it is seen they lock themselves inside and it becomes difficult to open the doors and ultimately the doors have to be broke open .the best thing is do not leave them unsupervised even for little time. Although you may think that the room is childproofed, but in reality it is almost impossible to completely make a place 'toddler' where ever you stay keep your child nearby .

The behaviors of the toddlers that is of concern is especially hitting, biting, and having tantrums these are all called normal behavior patterns but when they begin pushing, hitting and, biting each other it becomes matter of concern .It may be seen that they are expressing their frustrations when they doesn't get their way. this is the time when you have to teach them to love each other rather than fighting it may take time but its your turn to act make them learn sharing ,playing together rather than fighting .do not punish them that would spoil the whole altitude of your children .and never favor one of them the other gets irritated by doing this .tactfully and manage both of them together .these are challenging moments for you and convert them into most rewarding moments, change it into a fun time by tickling or by participating in their play and make them forget what happened .
Seeing your kids growing and being innovative day by day is fun and exciting listen to What new word they say?What new behavior they imitate and learn,they are mimicking monkeys ,they learn what they see so first you have to transform yourself too you will see they have figured out how to put on TV and use the remote

So keep a keen eye on your toddlers, both to keep them safe and also to enjoy and appreciate all the new things they keep doing day by day .Teach them to play together this will make them happy twins.


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      Horlabisi 3 years ago

      Hello it's me Great Aunt Debbie/Mom/Grandma,Yet again you managed to bring tears to my eyes ingaime my surprise when I didn't even know you were doing this photo shoot. (I was kept in the darkroom, so to speak.)All of the portraits are priceless and truly melted my heart. What more could a Mom/Grandma want than a priceless portrait of all my beauties? I am truly blessed to have such talented niece's to capture our invaluable memories thank you for taking the time!Love you all!Mom/Grandma/Aunt/Great Aunt Debbie