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How to choose a name your baby will grow up to love?

Updated on September 17, 2011

Centuries back Shakespeare negated the importance of a name in his famously quoted dialogue from Romeo and Juliet. While the logic holds good for some, there indeed are many (me being one of them) who cannot disagree more with the bard than on this particular topic. Especially so if you are boggled by the overwhelmingly fascinating experience of naming the little bundle of joy that is soon to arrive in your family. Remember, this is in fact the first and probably the longest lasting (like forever) thing that you are going to gift your little one, unless of course he/ she grows up disliking it to the point of changing it. That of course is not something anyone of us would want. So the pressure is really on! So give it your best shot and find solace in the fact that the options available to choose from are indeed plenty. Here is a quick look at the handy inspirations available.

  1. Be creative. Try to come up with something that has bits of both you and your partner’s name in it. So a baby girl born to Andrew and Isabella can be called Anabella! The exercise can be real fun and believe me you are going to cherish the brainstorming sessions for years to come. Although you can’t always strike gold, you have a fair chance of success especially with your firstborn. Get going. Invoke your Muse!
  2. Turn to your passion. Are you a bookworm, a movie buff or simply live on music? Try naming your little one on your favorite character, composer, singer, filmstar or any celebrity. How about calling her Viola (from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night) or naming your baby boy Amadeus (from Mozart)? Just look into your mind, flip through your favorite pages or simply bank on the internet. You are sure to be spoiled for choice.
  3. Let the myths guide you. Mythology can be a rich repertoire when it comes to names. Search the wide world of Greek, Roman, Egyptian or Hindu mythology and you will be surprised at your findings. Athena (Greek goddess of wisdom), Ceres (Roman goddess of agriculture), Daphne (daughter of Greek river god)… your choice is endless.
  4. Think of an exotic location. Is there a place you have been to and had loved thoroughly? Some faraway destination where you and your partner have had a lovely time and have memories to last a lifetime! In fact, these may even be places that feature on both of your wishlist but never quite took place. That always planned but long deferred destination. Think of naming the new one on these lines. It will be rewarding not only to the baby but to the two of you as well.
  5. Find inspiration in nature. The variety and bounty that abound in nature is hardly comparable to anything else. Take a pause and take in all those lovely shades you see around. Or maybe the beautiful flowers? Camellia, Pansy, Poppy… the options are countless!
  6. Select by season. What kind of a person are you? Do you simply love the magic combination or sun and fun or is it the swirling Fall leaves that make your heart go ooh la la? Simply name your baby on your favorite season of the year. You can even name her according to the season when she is expected!

Whatever name you choose for your little one or wherever you seek and find your inspiration, the most important thing is both you and your partner like it. Turn the naming exercise into yet another way of coming closer to one another, sharing feelings, thoughts and above all, some quality time together. All the best!


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    • mione profile image

      mione 5 years ago

      I think there is a slight chance that this article might encourage some to name their kids Tuesday or black Thursday. It is important that the child is considered and not just the parent who might just decide to name their kid whiff because of one thing or the other. So a nice "traditional' name should also be will help for parent child relations when they come of age.

    • ohmygod profile image

      ohmygod 6 years ago from New Jersey, USA

      thank you :-)

    • profile image

      bhatraj 6 years ago

      Very well composed.