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How to choose the right Hobby for your Child?

Updated on September 3, 2014

Hobbies are nothing but a method to dig out the creative aspect of any human being. It plays the most important task in one’s life in discovering the creative skill within for a better tomorrow. It not only engages a child or an individual for enjoying a valuable time but it also boosts the confidence level. There is no specific age when one can adopt any hobby. Hobby is not about something that you are bound to do but rather something you always desired to do because your heart permits to do so.

As soon as the holidays arrived the only thought that perceived my mind is to enroll my daughter into some activity. But I soon realized the fact that my daughter being 3 years 9 months old could be too early to start anything new. Thousands of thoughts captured my mind, How to incorporate a new hobby to such a small baby. This was indeed a challenging job, as I was not sure what would be the ideal hobby for her. I realized the fact that the right hobby can enhance the creative instinct of a child which solely depends on parents encouraging instinct.


What kind of Hobby is ideal for your child?

This is probably the most common question that cultivates in the mind of the parents. Home is the first school for any child. Whenever you practice any Hobby like gardening, swimming, painting, singing or dancing ensure your child is along with you. By apprehending the true interest of the Child on a particular hobby, provide them support so that they can practice it for the long run.

Another way to incorporate the urge for a hobby is to make the child enroll in some activity class. Simultaneously you can introduce various hobbies amongst the child during vacations and weekends. Some of the Hobbies that can be practiced are:

Drawing and Painting: In order to explore the imaginative flank of your child give them a blank page with color pencils, crayons and water colors. Let them enjoy the brightness and hue of the colors by themselves. Once you could make out the fine artistic skills of your child enroll them in professional drawing and painting class for proper guidance.

Gardening: Enjoy the feel of nature by planting vegetation of your choice. The whole process of sowing seeds, watering the plants and watching the plants growth is sincerely an amazing experience. It not only allows the children observe the growing of the plants but also generate the qualities to become caring and sensible .

Terracotta or Pottery: Molding the clay to give structure as per your desire is fun. Terracotta is an ancient art where the clay is molded and baked for a specific use. The technique enhances co-ordination between hand motor skill movements. This will make the child contemplate the creative instinct within.

Swimming: It is one of the fun filled relaxing exercises which can be considered as a form of hobby. The amazing part of adopting swimming as a hobby is that your child will not only enjoy splashing the water but will end up enjoying the activity that strengthens physical and mental ability.

Photography: If you want to allow your child to go ahead with photography as a hobby, you have to show them the different techniques and knowledge of angles while clicking photos. You can accompany them for photography exhibition and make them analyze the Photographer’s views. In that way you will develop not only interest among the child but he/she will try to explore their hidden innovative talent.

Collecting Coins, Stamps etc.: Collecting any artifacts of one’s choice enhances the expression of caring and loving spirit.

Dance and music: This is a hobby which always gives you inclination straight from your heart. You enjoy the musical world which will surely captivate your heart for a heavenly pleasure.

Though there are thousands of options to enhance one’s skill. But the well-chosen hobby can do wonders to your kids. As per Research people having hobbies are generally healthier with a lower risk of depression and dementia. Bearing in mind the well-known proverb “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” we should always find some time to relax, enjoy some fun and pick up a hobby — especially if you are depressed, stressed or going through a tough time.

© 2014 Arundhati


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