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How to deal with a Sick Child

Updated on September 5, 2012
Wait a sleeping child in the middle of the day - a sure clue this one isn't feeling well
Wait a sleeping child in the middle of the day - a sure clue this one isn't feeling well | Source

Sick Child 101

Yeah I get to stay home today, oh wait, I stay home everyday and I actually had thing and places I needed to be today. I had plans but now I am staying home with a vomiting, throat clutching, feverish child. This kid has the smallest immune system in the world. Every year when school starts he ends up sick for at least a week. He loves school and is usually begging me to go to school, in fact i was planning on sending him until he vomited water all over my kitchen floor.

Call them IN too

If you work you probably already made arrangements to call in and get things covered. The same thing applies to your kid if they go to school, daycare, or somewhere else they are expected to be.

Safety is always our number one concern for our kids and the schools look at it the same way. You would want them to call you if your child didn't show up for school and you thought they were there. Think about different scenarios, the overtired parents forgets to drop the child off and gets to work without realizing their sleeping child is still in the car, the middle school kid that skips school to hang out with some older friends who are up to no good. Make the secretaries job easier and call right away when you know your child will be absent. It makes their job easier and scores you good parent points.

Go to the DR - Yes or NO?

I am in no way shape or form a medical provider so making the decision to take my kids in or not is sometimes difficult. Today I am taking my child in because he is scratching at his throat and complaining that it hurts. He is also running a fever and vomiting. The later two symptoms don't worry me as much as the sore throat. So into the Dr we went only to find out he just has nasal drip. I am usually the parent not taking me kid into the dr I just wait until they get better, but with strep going around I didn't want to chance it.

The Sick Nest

My kids love it when I make them a nest on the couch. Little do they know it has very little to do with the fact that they love it and more about me protecting the couch. Okay i do want them to be snug like bugs in a rug so they will fall asleep and get better. But when my kids fall asleep they sweat like crazy and who really wants sick kid sweat all over their couch. So the sheet goes first followed by blankets and pillows. I make the kids comfy and cozy on the couch. If any mishaps like vomit happen it is contained to the layers that it landed on saving me some clean up time.


Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate. This is one of the rare instances were I don't care how much juice, Gatorade, or water my kids intake. It is important to keep them hydrated because dehydration could lead to a highly ill child. feel free to water down the juice or Gatorade if you are concerned about sugar or calorie intake.


Even in 90% humidity my child seems to need a humidifier to help him feel better. I have never tried to buy new filters mid summer before and apparently when it is this humid out they don't stock them at the local hardware store. Luckily Amazon ships quickly and they will be here soon. Remember to check the filter before you plug one it too. I almost forgot to check them and was grossly disgusted to find there was mold all over the filters, that would have only made us sicker.

Low Key Activities

Keep the activities low key. Don't worry about the amount of tv they are watching today. If they can play with some toys or games without getting overly excited then these are good activities for the day. Also a great day to do some coloring, writing, and reading.

A Project?

Okay I admit it I get kinda excited when my kids are mildly sick - enough to stay home but not enough where they want to be attached to me or the toilet.

I figure out what project I have been avoiding doing or just haven't had time to do. This week was sewing projects, a simple A line skirt for myself and a jedi costume for the sick child. This actually worked out extremely nicely because he was home for me to measure and he actually stood still for 2 seconds because he wasn't feeling great.

Usually these projects are all about organizing a room or section of the house. I usually spend the day organizing my kitchen.

Feel Better soon Little Ones

Hopefully everyone is feeling better soon. A little bit of Tylenol and rest and the next day my oldest was back in school, of course the little one should be next.


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    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 5 years ago from Olympia, WA

      All good old fashioned suggestions! Great job!