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Bullying and it's effects

Updated on September 19, 2015

Consequences of bullying

As time passes by we see an increase in child bullying, it is never a good thing for any child to experience this situation and can seriously impact their life with irreversible effects. If your child is getting bullied need not to worry as there are many ways you can help, even to the point that you can prevent it from happening again completely. If left unattended this issue can become very severe and have many negative impacts on anyone who is getting bullied over a long period of time. Don't expect for this issue to get resolved on its own, the time is now for us parents to help our children before it's too late. We want to provide our children with a with a better future and it's not just buying them what they want. We have to educate them and protect them from harms way. Sometimes it's tough being a parent but as long as we don't give up we can raise them well and we will be able to feel that sense of a acomplishment for taking care of your own.

Prevent bullying

When kids are young how they live their life will affect them when they are older. Any experience that they encounter cannot be undone which is why it is absolutely critical to resolve this matter as soon as possible. After a period of time that a young boy or girl gets bullied because of how they look, how they talk, or even for no reason at all, they start to have psychological effects. Bullying can seriously impact their self esteem and can lead to depression and as they grow older can become more drastic and have suicidal thoughts, to say the least this is no joking matter. They say that the best time of our lives is when we're kids which is true, without a care in the world having fun and learning new things. One thing we don't want is for those new things they learn to be how to cope with bullying, their only kids once and we don't want them regretting their past. Those that bully don't understand what their actions cause and obviously they don't go home and tell their parents they bullied someone, which is why we as parents have to step in and help our children and protect them by all means.


Noticing signs of your child being bullied

Many children don't come home and tell their parents about them being abused at school and when we ask them "how was school" they don't fully express their day. It's no one's fault if this is the case but we have to always pay real close attention to our children because they can be really good at hiding their feelings. It's completely normal for any kid to get bruises from the playground but once you notice that their constant you should start worrying. Sometimes children show signs of loss appetite, sadness or even take out the anger that he feels for the bully on his own family. Every child is different and reacts differently, but no matter what, the after effects of bullying follows them home and takes over their life. If you see him too scared to go or come back from school it's a clear sign of bullying and you should start to really worry, going to school should never scare any child but it's only logical if he's being bullied. They can't defend themselves and their whole day is spent on worrying what the bully is going to do to them next. You may not be at school physically to protect them but there are many ways to prevent it from happening even without your presence. There are many ways kids get bullied even through the Internet so keep that in mind as well.


Ways to prevent bullying

There are many ways to prevent bullying, so fear not your child is not helpless and we as good parents will do anything for our kids. Children that go through bullying sometimes don't know what to do to stop it from happening, a great parent always informs them the dangers that exists in this world. Train your kids to make them tell you when someone else causes them harm and what to do when their encountered with that type of situation. Some may even start fighting back which is something they must never do because they may be harmed even more and/or get in trouble as well in school. Sometimes bullies follow their victim after school and try to harm them which might explain why kids take the long way home to try to avoid them. If your child confirms with you that he is being bullied the time to act is now, the first step you can take is go to school and explain the situation to the principle and his teacher to prevent this incident to be repeated. If it continues to happen you can request for the bullies parent to come to school and sit down to resolve the problem. These types of meetings can stop bullying from ever happening again. The last resort after you exhausted all of your choices is to change schools. Although it is a drastic change, it's way better then your child being abused. Our child's well being is our number 1 priority and their is always a way to keep your child safe no matter what but waiting it out will never be a solution.


Bullying is very common

Schools have started creating bullying awareness and prevention programs. By creating these programs they're trying the best they can to help children who are afflicted by bullies. Don't rely completely on these programs, there are so many students that it's not always preventable. We as parents will always have to step in if bullying is the case. I hope that this article can help, even if it's only a few people this is an important issue that can happen to anyone and it's stressful if you don't know what to do. This life can be tough but solutions are always an option if you try your best to look for them. An optomistic mind is always key to helping our children, it may get difficult but being a parent isn't easy.


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