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How to direct a child’s energy into the right channels — tips for prospective parents on upbringing

Updated on April 5, 2014


ADHD: Taming the Hyperactive Monster In Your Child

Sometimes children can be really hyperactive. They have too much energy to spare, whereas their parents might not have it that much. The question is, how to put your child’s energy to good use for his/her own benefit and to give yourself a (much-needed and well-deserved) break.

In this case, it could be a good idea to think of some extra-curriculum activities for your kids. In fact, there are many different ways to channel a child’s energy. You could send them to a music school, an Arts school, if he/she’s an artistically inclined child. If the child is very energetic and sporty then he/she should definitely go in for sports. Boys could start attending swimming pool or try a karate class. Girls could try signing up for a dance class. There are so many options out there to try out and choose from. Just get to know your kids, learn what they like. Learn to respect their individuality.

Guidebooks to succesful parenting

Choosing a Hobby: Trying out Options. Fostering the Freedom to Choose

It is highly advisable (if not crucial) for you to consult with your child before making a choice, to find out what he/she’d really like to do. In case he/she doesn’t know, go and try different classes! It will help your child to find out what is best for him/her and what he/she would like to do. Then it is time for signing up! Don’t regret the time and/or money spent. Give it a try, even if you’re not a fan of this certain kind of activity. In the end, this will (in turn) not only give you some free time and space, but will also help your child begin to develop his/her personality from an early age.

And remember, to never ever try to impose your own views on your child [this is a common mistake among parents] and insist on a certain activity of your own choice which your child — let’s just say — is not particularly excited about [for it will only cause conflicts and create tensions in the parent-child relationship department, leading to serious problems in the long run].

Keep in mind that ‘Right’ doesn't (always) necessarily mean right in your opinion, but ‘right for your child’. Pursue his/her best interest. Especially if your child does have an aspiration of his/her own and is only lacking the confidence required to go after his/her dream.

Be supportive; let them know you believe in them. Be out there for them, encourage them to be persistent and follow their dreams, hold their hand through hard times. And they will be grateful, and your relationship will reap the rewards of your input.

But whatever it is that they end up choosing, just don’t forget to be attentive to your children and try to spend more time with them, for it is usually children of this very type [given the lack of direction and guidance in life] who tend to get in trouble and mess with the wrong crowds. So take part (and active interest) in your children’s lives. Be good parents. Just remember how much trouble you used to get into when you were their age — ‘cause those are surely best to avoid.

Be out there for your kids. And build trust-based relationships with them.

For these are truly the best possible assets for a lifetime (both for you and for them). SET THEM FREE.

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