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How to Do Creative Activities with Your Child

Updated on November 18, 2013

We all know proud moms hanging their little one's art on the wall, or parading with every crafty object they made with their children to everyone they know. So why can't you make your child focus for an entire craft project? No worries, you're not the only one with this problem! Here are three tips for a fun, fight-free art day with your child.


1. Find an easy project to complete

You don't have to complete a masterpiece with your youngster in an afternoon. Start small, it's a lot of fun too, and it will help both you and your child to not feel pressured about finishing a complicated project. The internet is full of DIY children craft ideas (doable for a very cheap price), just find one that your child might like, and that is achievable for his age. You don't need to buy many materials, you just have to be smart about what you pick for your projects. Here are two examples of easy and fun ideas for yound children you can make with things you already have in your house :

Colorful flowers made of paper plates


Funny toilet paper tube frog tutorial

2. Make it fun!

Don't hesitate to play with food, colors, paint, fabrics, or little pieces found in the woods after a walk with your family. Your kid will enjoy dealing with many different activities and it will develop his creativity, and maybe yours as well. Make it a different experience every time, but take his age and tastes in account. Try to plan that afternoon long before by collecting little things your little one likes and putting it in a box you can decorate as well. Let your kid experience things and make a mess, it's his time!

3. Make it a real parent-child moment

Depending on his age, your child needs to be more or less independent, but you should always share that time to create a real bound. Make your child proud of his work instead of stopping on his mistakes and getting angry. As L. Malaguzzi stated in The Hundred Languages of Children, "Creativity becomes more visible when adults try to be more attentive to the cognitive processes of children than to the results they achieve in various fields of doing and understanding." Don't worry about the mess, give your family one afternoon where everybody is free. Settle down in the yard if you're doing painting (or finger painting), and whatever happens don't worry about the cleaning you'll have to do later. Just enjoy the occasion!


Top 3 art and craft website for children


Craft ideas in age and materials categories, seasonal projects and a lot of cheap ideas for clothing, decoration and art.


Colorful and easy DIY ideas for chilldren and adults and an online store to get everything you need for every project.


Easy to professional (dollmaking) art projects in many different fields, with tutorials to help you out.


3 Year Old Is Amazing Finger Painter

Gather the materials, the paint or the food and go play with your child for 10 minutes, an hour, or a whole day! Have as much fun as your kid, take that time to be more of a friend than a parent. You can even become a 5 year old again! But don't worry if your toddler doesn't do as well as this ninja turtle fan.

What about you?

What is your biggest problem when doing creative activities with your child?

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    • AliceFournier profile imageAUTHOR

      Alice Fournier 

      5 years ago from Amsterdam

      Thank you so much! Hope it helps

    • wabash annie profile image

      wabash annie 

      5 years ago from Colorado Front Range

      Loved this hub ... the ideas, organization, and pictures were great!


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