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Cheap Ways To Entertain A baby

Updated on August 19, 2015

Hours Of Fun For Baby

The secret of keeping your baby happy and amuse without you is balloons and colourful ribbons. I hanged balloons in one room and ribbons in other. So I can move my baby in both rooms and he can enjoy different environment.

You can buy the balloons from any super market and for ribbon look in party section of any shop. Shiny ribbons work best, in case if you don't find it, check ebay, as I bought from there.

I roughly attach the thread and hanged the balloons with lamp. Same I did with golden ribbon,not much fuss just wrapped around shade.

When baby is around four to five months old they lay on bed, look up and play with them. When they are bit older around six months then another games start, to push balloons with hands, and head. I punch a balloon and it effects to other balloons and my baby laughs. One is my turn and next is his turn and so on.

Babies Loves Ballon

Learn the Counting

Hit each balloon with your little one and do counting like one,two and three. You can even do it while laying down on bed with your young one and slowly pushing the balloon with your feet like soft kicking. Don't kick hardly it shows and create aggressive behaviour in kids.

Learn the Names

While playing with balloons sing the name of colour like, this is yellow and it's green now red. So you will see how easily and quickly they will learn it. Everything feeds in quickly in their little minds.

I wanted to avoid cartoons and baby tv

As a first time mum I was not sure how to entertain my baby to keep him happy at all the times. He love to watch television but I wanted to avoid it as much as possible. Also he was getting more alert and want me around all the time. Not big enough to play with toys, though I thought and bought age appropriate toys like baby gym and bouncers. So what should I do when I need to do cooking and cleaning. The answer was not available on internet or anywhere else until I visited my home country Pakistan.

Colour Full Ribbons To Entertain A Baby

Visiting Grand Parents First Time

The idea came when we visited Pakistan first time after my babies birth, he was four months and ten days old. As he was a long awaited baby and also the youngest so other cousins and family warmly welcomed him. It was hot in there so I thought Muhammad will struggle to settle down, but the case was opposite.

Muhammad's eldest cousin was 14 then 11 and 9 and so on. They took permission from granny and decorated our room according to their wish. I liked it but I was amazed to see Muhammad enjoying it more and more with the passage of time.

They hanged red heart shape balloons on front and back wall of bed. A silver and multi colour shiny ribbon was hanging on roof ceiling. They were about 40 inches long colourful ribbons attached 20 or 25 times here and there. Fun part starts when roof fan turned on and everything was moving with wind. Muhammad kept staring at them, giggle, laugh and move his body in joy. He did not get bored in a day or week and even in three weeks until we came back to UK.

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