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How to handle your adolescence? Conflicting emotions galore!

Updated on September 11, 2014

‘Even as kids reach adolescence, they need more than ever for us to watch over them. Adolescence is not about letting go. It's about hanging on during a very bumpy ride.’-Ron Taffel

Adolescence is the most confused phase of your life. You develop your individuality and feel irritated when your parents advice you. You feel you know everything and that they have no business to intrude into your life.

Are these feelings natural or abnormal?

  • It is quiet normal for you to feel confused about your emotions as you are now neither a child nor a fully grown adult.

You feel overwhelmed by the sudden changes that occur within yourself. You want to make your own decisions and want to spend time on things which interest you. You feel your parents are too interfering and question you too much. There are many things other than your studies that seem to interest you.

You face many dilemmas in your life. You are confused whether you are doing everything the right way. You want to interact with the opposite sex. This phase is common to most teenagers and there is nothing for you to be flustered about. Being attracted to the opposite sex is a natural happening and so there is nothing to feel shy about it.

You fall easily in love and fall easily out of love. You become emotional about any girl\boy you come in contact and feel you have found true love. You divert your mind from your studies, but you must understand that the feeling you have for the girl\boy can never be termed as love. You might argue it is true love, when in reality it is not.

Your infatuation has a very short life span as you are again and again drawn towards whomever you meet. You should be friendly with the girls \boys. But your friendship should not cross the line and you should have total control over your emotions.

If you do not put a rein to your feelings, it gallops unruly, treading to death your education and future career. There are a lot of suicides committed due to love failure among the teenagers and it is indeed sad to see young lives nipped in the bud.

You trust your friends more than your parents which lead to understandable sadness in your family. There are lots of true friends, but there is a group of friends who drag you into harmful habits that spells doom for your future. These friends introduce you to drugs and alcohol. If you fall prey to their sleazy friendship the sufferer is going to be you and your parents.

You should understand that your parents live for you. They live a selfless life to make you enjoy the best things in life. If you think them to be an outsider who has no rights over you it will cause immense sadness in them. Of course, your parents cannot decide your life but they have all the rights to guide you.

They have your well being in mind and the true care they have for you make them go little overboard. You can have friendly conversation with them and discuss your wishes and ask them advice about your future. Take in their advice and combine it with your own decision to select the right path for you.

Your education should be given the top priority as it is an important criterion for great job opportunities. Choose an educational course that interest you and give full attention to it. Learn the best characteristics in life and lead a well disciplined life. To be well disciplined does not mean you are losing fun of the teenage. The fun you have should not exceed the limits.

Thoughts create man and you should not let your thoughts go awry and wild. You should control the conflicting thoughts you might have due to your adolescence. You should feed positive thoughts in your mind to shape your future the right way.

A boy becomes an adult three years before his parents thinks he does, and about two years after he thinks he does’-Lewis .B. Hershey

Your teen age is a beautiful period in your life, and your transition to adulthood can be smooth if you can differentiate between the good and the bad. It is also the most crucial period in your life! The path you take is the deciding factor which foretells whether your future life is a success or a failure. The choice is entirely yours.

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