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How to increase weight in underweight picky eater child

Updated on November 9, 2010
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Is your child a picky eater?Add high calories to your underweight child's dietOffer varietiesMake his meal attractiveEncourage self-feedingMake meal time fun
Is your child a picky eater?
Is your child a picky eater?
Add high calories to your underweight child's diet
Add high calories to your underweight child's diet
Offer varieties
Offer varieties
Make his meal attractive
Make his meal attractive
Encourage self-feeding
Encourage self-feeding
Make meal time fun
Make meal time fun

Child obesity is a major problem these days, yet there are few mothers who are really depressed as their children are underweight.

Have you ever wondered around in the public places like shopping malls and kids play area and compared your child's health with that of other healthy kids of his age? Have you ever felt that your kid is one of the thinnest kid in his class or within his group? Do you feel guilty sometimes that you are not able to take proper care or more specifically not able to feed your child properly and so your child is underweight?

You have tried your level best but yet do not know how to make your picky eater eat. Do not worry. It is not at all your fault. Some children are picker eaters. They are like that. In the following I will be telling you some very effective simple ways that will help to increase weight in underweight children.


Tips to increase weight in underweight children.

Before I continue with my effective proven methods, let me mention that these tips are only for those children who are underweight due to malnourishment. These tips are only for those parents whose children are picky eaters and want to see their child increase weight.

So, coming to the point, your child must have 3 things in his/her diet.

Food that are good sources of:

#1. Protein: Meat/ chicken, Fish, Soy, Egg, Pulses, Beans, Tofu

#2. Calcium: Milk, Cheese, Tofu, Yogurt, Ice cream

#3. Fat: Margarine, Healthy oil (like canola oil, olive oil)

Underweight children must be given whole milk/full fat milk and cheese.

Remember you have to include food items from each of these group everyday, possibly every meal your child have.

Let me help you to plan out some of your child's menu. Our aim is to add more and more calories in your child's diet to help him increase his weight.

For breakfast.... Instead of putting jam on his toast, make him a french toast.

French toast = Bread + egg + oil

If you think he can eat some more, make that french toast a sandwich with some cheese and some chicken pieces inside it. You can of course make it more colorful and healthy by adding some lettuce and tomato with the chicken and cheese.

French toast sandwich = Bread + egg + oil + cheese + chicken + veggies.

Make sense?

You can make up your own recipes but remember do not forget the 3 groups I mentioned earlier.

Now, let me help you to plan out another menu. You can make this for breakfast as well as snacks.

Take some mashed potatoes, some grated cheese and make a dough like. You can add some minced or mashed cooked chicken to the dough. Make small small balls of that dough. Crack an egg and whip it. Dip the balls in the egg and deep fry it.

Tips: Make it look attractive for your child by putting a toothpick on top of a ball, so that he can use it to eat the balls. Something different....Now you can serve the balls on a lettuce leaf.

So, Your child is eating...

Potato + cheese + egg + chicken + oil + veggies(lettuce leaf)

Add some pieces of fruits with it.

Snack: For snack if you are busy and have no time to make something simply give your child a piece of cheese to nibble upon. You can also give milk or yogurt.

Lunch: Give whatever you want to give but remember to include at least one item from each of those 3 groups I mentioned earlier.

You may plan to fry his noodles or rice lightly before serving, instead of plain one. You can spread some margarine on his bread. Give him some fish or chicken cooked in oil, or his veggies fried in oil. Frying in oil adds some extra calories to his diet.

For dessert, you can serve him some ice-cream topped with some fruits or a smoothie with his favorite fruits in it.

So, what did he eat?

Protein + calcium + oil + carbohydrate + veggies + fruits.

For dinner, you can plan out in the same way. Just keep in mind the 3 types of food I mentioned earlier- protein, calcium and fat, must be a part of his meal.

To make your child's dinner more exciting, make him some mini pizza. Take an English muffin, cut it in halves. Spread some pizza sauce and add some cheese. Top it with different color bell peppers (to add veggies and make it more colorful). Add some boiled chicken pieces (or any type of cooked chicken from the refrigerator). Spread some more cheese.

You can also add some pineapple chunks on top.

Now put the mini pizzas in the oven or in a toaster and heat it. Wait till the cheese melts. Your mini pizzas are ready.

Tips: Involve your child in making mini pizzas with you. He will love to add those toppings and make his own pizza and will feel proud to have it. So there will be less chances to struggle feeding him.

Picky eater problem?

Now, you have tried all those methods with different varieties and every possible creative and attractive ways to make your child eat, but still your child is fussy. What will you do?

Now, let me mention you an amazing product that you will find extremely helpful for your picky eater. I have used and still using it regularly for my elder son who is a good example of an extreme picky eater. The product is PediaSure.

Eighteen months before, my son was below the 3rd percentile for his weight. At present, he is in the 25th percentile, based on the American weight chart. Isn't that great?

PediaSure is a complete nutritional supplement that meets or exceed 100% of the Dietary Reference Intakes for protein, plus 27 vitamins and minerals. PediaSure may be used as a nutritional supplement or a sole source of nutrition.

Your fussy eater child must have PediaSure at least 3 times a day. PediaSure will take care of all those essential nutrients he missed. So, just relax. Whenever you feel your child has not taken enough food, give him PediaSure and be happy.

PediaSure comes in a variety of flavors - strawberry, vanilla and chocolate. And the good news is, it is lactose free, so suitable for children who are lactose intolerant. It comes in bottles- in 1000mL for children ages 1-8 and in 1500mL for children ages 9-13.

Its really exciting to see your child increase weight and grow. Keep a record of your child's weight. Follow the methods mentioned above properly and after 3 months just see the difference! Hope this will help.

Meet up the nutritional deficiency in your picky eater child with Pediasure


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    • profile image

      Rita Guarino 

      24 months ago

      I gave both my picky eaters pediasure, and they didnt like the taste. They are not big drinkers in the first place, so making them drink is a nighmare to begin with. Unfortunately, they dont like pediasure. I have my eldest daughter on a gluten free diet and she has gained 3 pounds in 6 months. Anyone have any other suggestions for them to gain weight?

    • simonsofia profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Thank you Alison. It is good to know that you have liked my hub. If you would like to know more you are always welcome to ask in this comment box or through email.

    • Alison Graham profile image

      Alison Graham 

      8 years ago from UK

      Thank you for an interesting and informative hub. It is hard sometimes to persuade children to eat, you have provided some excellent tips. Voted up.


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