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How to keep your child safe (Childproofing)

Updated on May 25, 2009


Most of child accidents occur at home. It is very important to keep the house sale for toddlers. Here are some basic tips to childproof the house:

Childproofing the bathroom:

•   Always keep the bathroom door closed or install a hook-and-eye latch up on the door when the bathroom is not in use.

•   Install toilet locks, to prevent the child from leaning into the toilet bowl. It may lead to falling and drowning.

•   Remove sharp objects, e.g. razors, scissors and appliances from the bathroom.

•   Keep all medicines out of reach of children. Store these in cabinets beyond their     reach.

•   Place a non-slip mat in bathtubs to prevent falls.

•   Put rubberized guard over the spout to protect the child's head.

•   Make sure that bathroom deo­dorizers and disinfectants are placed securely beyond children's reach.

•   Do not leave the child alone in bathrooms, even for a second.

Childproofing the kitchen:

•   Store glasses, plates and other deli­cate utensils in a lockable cabinet or any areas out of reach of chil­dren.

•   Keep knives, other sharp tools, and blades in locked drawers.

•   Keep toxic materials and house­hold cleaning materials out of their reach.

•   Make sure that matches, lighter, candle and other flammable mate­rials are kept in a secured place.

•   Place hot food and beverages, glassware and knives away from the edges of counters and tables.

•  Use back burners on stove when possible. If this is not possible, make sure the pot handles arc

turned toward the back.

• Never     leave children unatten­ded on furniture or high chair.

Do not carry a hot item and baby at the same time. Remove tablecloths to avoid chil­dren from pulling everything onto

their heads by yanking on the cloths.

Automobile Safety;

•  Seatbelts and car seats

are a must for babies and toddlers.

•   Do not allow a child to stay beside the driver's seat. The child should sit at the back safely protected by a seatbelt

•   Children are not to be left alone in an automobile.

•   Playing near, behind, or at the front of the car should be pro­hibited.

•   While riding a car, do not give foods that might cause choking.

Other Child Care Safety Remin­ders:

•   Do not overstuff child's bed with pillows, bedding;- or comforters.

This may lead to suffocation.

•   Check cords of curtains, Venetian and mini blinds. These should have tie-down devices to hold cords tight. This will also prevent accidental strangulation.

•   Position tables, chairs, shelving and other furniture so that they cannot be toppled easily. Install corner bumpers and foam dings on the edges of the furniture to prevent the child from banging its head.

•   Provide railings on stairs, porches, decks and lofts.

•   Secure carpets and rugs to ensure that children will not trip,

•   Use safety gates to block access to stairs and other dangerous areas.

•   Keep electric cords of appliances away from children's reach and cover electrical sockets with outlet covers and plates.

•   Avoid using clothes with drawstrings around the hood and neck to prevent suffo­cation.

•   Secure the covers of trash containers to prevent children from rummaging through it.

■  Avoid using walkers especially near the stairs.

•   Remember to keep the sides of playpens and cribs raised.

•   Never leave a child with a family pet alone.

•   Do not take any medication in front of a child or refer to pills as candy. Children often mimic the behavior of adults.

•   Store safely pins, jewelry, buttons, beads and other small objects safely out of children's reach.

•   Wipe spills immediately to prevent the child from slipping on the floor.

- Follow manufacturer's age recom­mendation when purchasing child­ren's toys. Some toys have small parts that can cause choking. Check toys frequently for loose or broken parts.

•   Keep plastic bags and deflated or burst balloons away from young children,

•   When playing outside, require helmets, knee pads, and elbow

pads especially when using bi­cycles, roller blades, or skaters.

•   Never leave a child alone outside the house premises.


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