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How to know When your child is planning a Suicide

Updated on March 24, 2009

Is my child planning a suicide?

     Recent records have shown that suicide among young people is increasing with an alarming rate than normal, globally, especially in developed nations. Little wonder why this is more rampant in developed countries than in developing ones, where it should have spread more.

   But the next question we should ask ourselves is, why should anyone consider taking his or her own life? This is a very difficult question with a simple answer. Though many still believe it is a complicated subject to handle, but I know for sure that it can be handled more wisely, if we observe the necessary steps.

   Some people might feel this impulse to terminate their own life for many reasons yet to be examined in this article. And therefore, we must forget the fact that we are living in a world filled with miseries, disappointments and failures though, some people bore the natural trait to harbor deep negative thoughts about themselves and the world around them.

  Sometimes, this might result from a health problem, mistreatment or medical complications. Recent researches has proved that over 89% of suicide cases in a particular country worldwide,  are done by people who are suffering from some type of mental illness or disease.

   Whereas in some other cases, youths who commit suicide, do this for such reasons like, family or parental conflicts, academic failure, breakup of romance, personal predicament, death of a family member, relative, friend or even pet, physical, sexual or emotional mistreatment by others. Yet, this should not warrant anyone to think of taking his or her own life, which millions of people out there that are lying in seek beds, rehab centers, are striving every day to get. And in most cases, thee victims don’t always want to die, they only want a way of bringing an end to their sufferings and predicaments, because they feel that they are helpless and believe they cannot do anything to change the situation, so they need your help.

    Therefore, if you know of any child or youth, who feels this way (may be they have confided in you), please do not hesitate to report to another of his or her loved one, to help him seek for assistance before it becomes too late. You can also do the victim a favor, by consulting a psychiatrist or a chancellor. But if you are the one involved in this situation, please tell someone about your situation, because sharing a problem helps relief the burden.

   You may confide in a friend, parent, relative, teacher, doctor or your religious leader- make sure it is someone who cares for your well being. This might help to solve the problem. Please always talk out your problems, hiding or confiding them within your heart doesn’t proffer the solution, share it with a loved one. And please do remember that no matter how strong a predicament may seem to last, it can never last forever, it is for some time, many others have passed through that same problem yet, they overcome it, why not you, ask yourself.

  Now, let us examine how to know when a child or youth is planning a take his or her own life, which is our major concern and topic. What are the likely signs to observe in your child or loved one, when he or she is planning to end it all?

Some these signs are outlined as follows:

1.      Talking about death or related topics always.

2.      Withdrawal from family members and friends, is another clear sign.

3.      Constant angry moods

4.      Loss of interest in things and activities that were once pleasurable to him or her.

5.      Eating and sleeping disorders or change.

6.      Change in dressing and personal patterns.

7.      Constant use of drug or alcohol.

8.      If he now valueless his most prized possessions or belongings or even start to give them away watch him very closely, he or she might be planning a suicide.

9.      Constant silence and lousiness in doing things.

10.  Absence from religious or social gatherings.

          Therefore, if you observe these signs in your child or a relation, please do not ignore them, seek for help to rescue him or her from this situation. Most times, like I have mentioned earlier, they don’t want to die, but they just can’t help themselves, and before you know it, they have already done it.

   So it will be a very big mistake for a parent to ignore these warning signs. Please don’t fool yourself by believing that he or she would get over it with time, by saying that is is just a phase in human life, please it is not.

  In order words, do not be too shy or ashamed to seek help for your child, you can also ask him about it, this might help relief him or her off the stress. When you discuss the matter with him or her, be very casual and subtle, at the same time be serious. During your conversation with him or her, find out how he has planned to accomplish this act, dig deep into knowing the details of his or her plans, this will enable you to know how urgent you need to help him or her out.

  Lastly, it is my advice that you do not keep or if you must, keep them secret, things like, firearms, lethal medications, or any other thing that may facilitate your child to take his or her own life, within your home.


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