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How to make your children eat healthy foods

Updated on July 19, 2017

Not many children and especially those of the school-going age like to eat healthy foods because they may find junk foods tastier than nutritious items such as vegetables, fruits, and foods made of wholesome grains. As a parent, you need not lose sleep over this because you can certainly change their attitudes and make them switch to healthy foods. Let us see how you can do this.

Take your children along with you when you go for buying groceries

If you are health conscious and if you want to ensure that all your family members get adequate nutrition, you will make the right choices of grocery items. If you take your children along with you while going for grocery purchases, they will also learn to choose healthy items. You can introduce some fun also into the process of purchase by asking the kids to compete among themselves in picking fruits or vegetables of various colors.

When they sit to eat, you can remind them that you have used the fruits, vegetables or the grains they have chosen and prepared the food items. This will induce them to taste those items.

Ask your children to help you in your cooking

Regardless of the age of your children, you can ask them them to help you in your cooking. Small children cannot do tasks like cutting vegetables, etc. but they can arrange things in baskets or on the dining table. Slightly grown-up kids can be asked to measure and give the ingredients you require for cooking. They can be asked to do tasks like stirring sauces, etc. When they sit for eating, you should gently remind them that only with their help, you could prepare the items. Since they have contributed to the process of cooking, they will also try those items.

You need not get upset over the less quantity of food your kids eat

Your kids may eat very well on a particular day and on another day, they may not eat to your expectations. There is no need for you to get upset when they do not eat well because this type of behavior in kids is quite common. On such occasions, the best way to ensure that they get the required nutrition is to offer them healthy snacks.

Make your kids understand the concept of smart snacking

Smart snacking is nothing but avoiding consumption of snacks very close to the time of the regular meal because this will spoil the appetite. So, teach your children this concept of smart snacking. If they feel extremely hungry, you can provide them with light and nutritious items such as baby carrots, apple slices, etc. .

Never, never bribe kids for making them eat healthy foods

Some parents may try to lure their kids by telling them that they will allow them to watch their favorite television show or will get them the ice cream or dessert they like the most if they eat the healthy foods they offer them. Nothing can be more wrong than this. Remember that your kids should never have a feeling that they are being pressured. By making such promises and luring them to eat, you are creating an unhealthy relationship between such healthy foods and the kids. The best way is to provide them with a good number of choices of healthy items.

No need to completely ban junk foods

Completely banning junk foods may frustrate your kids. At the same time, you must not allow them to eat these foods on a daily basis. Allowing them to eat those foods once in a while will not do any harm because you will be offering them healthy items most of the time.

Be a good role-model

There are parents who binge over junk foods like fried items while insisting that their kids should eat only healthy foods. This behavior may confuse the kids. Some of the kids may try to emulate their parents as well. Therefore, it is very much necessary that you should also eat only healthy foods so you can be a good role-model for your kids.


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