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How to open a preschool

Updated on November 17, 2015

How to open a preschool

How to open a preschool

It is really not that difficult to open a playschool nowadays .The MOST important thing one should keep in mind is to have lots of love for kids and you feel happy when you see children around you. Some say that one should be passionate about kids, but I think love for children and some money can make your business successful.

How to start a preschool

1.Investment planning is very important. Investment depends on how big or small playschool you want to open. If you have your own space obviously you need less investment, if you have your own space and the area is also small than investment goes even smaller and if you have a big area where you can accommodate say about 50 or more kids than you need to spend more money on the infrastructure. If you have a rented place than you need extra money to pay for the place.

2.Think of a name for your preschool. Name should be unique and different from others. Name of flowers, cartoon characters or fruits goes really well. Like Sunflower, Lotus wing, Roses, Marigold Kids, Hello Noddy, Pinks and Blues, Foundation, Step In and many more.

3.Get your preschool registered and obtain a proper license. You don’t need a license if you are planning to have not more than 6-8 kids to begin with. Best way is always to do it legally.

4.Buy some indoor and outdoor playing equipments. If you have outdoor play area only then go for outdoor equipments otherwise you can easily get indoor equipments like, slides and swings, sea saw, playhouse, ball pits, sand pits, scooters, building blocks, bubbles and many more.

5.Buy some play and learn materials like, artificial fruits and vegetables, artificial animals and birds, clay, various puzzles to solve specially Montessori, soft toys of penguins, birds, Spider man, dinosaurs etc.

6.For the classrooms buy, round tables and chairs for small children, wall fitted hanging system where you can hang their bags and bottles, dustbins, Art and craft material like crayons , watercolor, brushes and easels, White papers, pencils, rubber.

7. For the activity area you will need musical instruments like drums, also a small gym.

8.First aid box is a must, bathroom soaps , towels, tissue, reception chair and table, carpets or place mats, wooden or steel racks to keep books , colors toys, eating utensils like plates, spoons, forks, light fittings and air-conditioners, telephone and internet connection.

You can include anything of your own choice but never forget your budget. Always plan what you can cut from your list till you get few admissions.

9.Color walls with brighter shades and decorate walls with sea world on one side and forest world on the other side, hang pictures of animals , vehicles, birds, body parts, alphabet , numbers, flowers on walls. Cartoon character wall papers also looks nice. Using wall stickers is also a good idea.

10.Add some practical life Montessori material in the classroom like button and zip frames, rolling mats initially and try to incorporate more stuff once you get few admissions .

11.Provide transportation only if you have that much money.

12.Provide meals only if you are ready to take the risk of having a kitchen in your school . If you do so then it should be completely child proof.

13.Employ only trained staff for your school .

14. Design, print and distribute brochures in your area. Give advertisements in newspapers. Repeat the same week after week so that more people can know about the school.

15. Plan monthly and yearly curriculum to follow and keep parents informed about the same.

Few important things to keep in mind ,

1. Contact a child specialist and request him to visit school frequently or monthly .

2. Check each child’s vaccination card and make parents understand how important it is for the future of their child.

3. Keep a first aid box ready in every room and staff should be trained enough to use it..

4. Keep the environment hygienic, absolutely clean and child friendly with no sharp things around, with no protruded corners, light points covered .

5. Always keep a school diary in each child’s bag to note down each day school activities , his/her progress, holidays, special events etc to keep parents update.

6. Each child’s record should be ready always on the reception which must include photo of child and both parents, phone numbers of parents, address.

7. Never differentiate between children by beauty, complexion, height or weight. Always remember that for you all are equal.

8. Don’t panic if some parent comes late to pick the child but make them understand that when a child sees that everyone is going home with there parents and his/her mom has not come than it puts a negative effect on the child’s mind.

9. Still after taking so much care some problem occurs, be the first one to give reimbursement and apologies.

10. Keep monthly parent teacher meetings .

11. Celebrate all festivals in school.

12. Besides daily curriculum that you follow teach them how to wash hands, how to wear and unwear clothes, how to prepare meals, how to keep things clean and in place, watering plants, love for animals, how to meditate, how to control anger, little about first aid.

Open a preschool that gives each child a strong foundation for a successful future.

How to obtain license to open a daycare or playschool?

Every state has its own licensing department and offices of child care licensing or human resource departments where you need to apply for a license.

Click on the link which has a list of USA states licensing office departments,

Apply for a license when you are completely ready for it, as the department makes a check on various factors like the number of children under your care, child and staff ratio, space you provide should be sufficient according to the number of children, health and safety measures plus many more mandatory inspections keeping small children in mind.

All you need to do is read the departments policies carefully and make your playschool ready accordingly.

Sometimes the department gives license for a year without any restrictions and during that time you are required to submit annual approved inspection reports from the fire marshal which indicates the fire safety measures, the same way annual approved inspection report from the health care office, insurance coverage reports, health status reports of the staff who are in direct contact with the children, emergency evacuation check, criminal records check of the staff employed.Your play school must be in compliance with the requirements for the license.

Licensing your playschool is good for you and for the small children whose parents are trusting you, your staff, your school premises. So apply for a license if you really want to make it big in this particular field of business and education.

Click on the link to read my views on whether to open a playschool on your own or buy a franchisee,

Franchisee or your own, which preschool option is better -

Which way is better? Shall i buy a preschool franchisee and unburden myself? or, Shall I open a playschool all by myself and be my own boss? Surely a confusion there but proper planning and some research will certainly be of great help. In both the ways starting a playschool is a very good and lucrative business opportunity which surely gives very high...

The books listed below will give you a good start and are immensely helpful,


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      kokilavarshini 2 years ago

      Very good

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      Annu Lincoln 2 years ago

      Very Useful Information. Thank U.

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      Annu Lincoln 2 years ago

      Very Useful Information. Thank U.

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      Veenoo 4 years ago from India

      Yeah true Shibham but it is okay for beginners who have no idea about this business. We obviosly cannot ignore franchise totally.

    • profile image

      Shibham 4 years ago

      Worst option is to take franchise just google "franchise scenario in india" and read article from "Preschool for Child Rights"

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    • MarkLim81 profile image

      MarkLim81 5 years ago from Malaysia

      Licensing depends on which state you're in.

      I do have a Hub with more info, as well as links to specific licensing info, but comments are not for promoting Hubs or other sites...

      I suppose you could check out my profile or email me at marklim81@ (without the space).

    • profile image

      P.Noorjaha 5 years ago

      I want to know how to get the license to start up a play school?

      how much maximum amount of money that i should get ready for it?

    • profile image

      asif kazi 5 years ago

      hi i m looking to start a play school capacity of 30 to 40 kids how to obtain licence and how much it cost

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      judy 5 years ago

    • profile image

      judy Gomes 5 years ago

      How to obtain license as I want to open pre school for 50 kids

    • profile image

      ben mcdonald 6 years ago

      Very helpful info. thank you. Sandpits are great for any environment like that, bringing kids back to the basics of playing in the sand will set them up for life. growing up should be like the old days playing in sand and swimming in rivers instead of playing indoors on games consoles etc.

    • profile image

      CGM 7 years ago

      very helpful information for those who are looking for such venture. Otherwise such people has to pay a huge amount to start any play school under flagship of any brand.

      Keep it up