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How To Prevent Flat Head Syndrome

Updated on April 14, 2013

Flat Head Syndrome

Since babies started sleeping on their backs, there has been a large increase in babies developing Flat Head Syndrome. This is when baby's head is either temporarily or permanently misshapen Baby's head may become flat on one side, or else pushed into a cone shape. It can even, in extreme cases, totally change the shape of your baby's face. If not corrected, this can have a devastating affect on your child's life.One main problem is that safety helmets that are used for sports, riding a bicycle and many other activities will just not fit.

Babies at Risk of Flat Head Syndrome

  • A baby who turns their head to one side while sleeping.
  • A baby who spends time in bouncers or rockers
  • A baby who sleeps on his or her back.

Information about how to prevent Flat Head Syndrome

To find out more about Flat Head Syndrome and

  • What does the latest research say about flat head syndrome?
  • Why tummy time is so important for baby.
  • Ways of making tummy time pleasant.
  • Re-positioning techniques to prevent pressure on baby's soft head.
  • How to know if baby needs a helmet.
  • What to expect if your baby has to wear a helmet.

To find out more information of how you can prevent your baby having a flat head Click Here


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