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How to raise a teenager in a wholesome environment

Updated on December 5, 2011

When teens are friends in the family

One of the most rewarding thing in life is having a healthy harmonious relationship at home.. It is where you go back to after work, after a hard day.. It is where you get comforted with after the stress of the day.. Especially with teenagers, who are at the crossroads between youth and adulthood. Within themselves they have a hard time coping with the demands of everyday life they face. They are most often confused and conscious on what to do. So if they find that their home is a habitual place to stay where love and comfort permeates, they would stay and not wander around. If parents and teens/kids are friends, if there is a friendly atmosphere in the home, there would be peace and understanding, comfort and sense of belongingness.

You will find the teens are comfortable with other people, especially their family if they are treated as friends. Where they laugh together with their family, sharing jokes. Where there is a relentless attitude towards them. They find home fun and free from restrictions. Where they can be free and be themselves deep down.

Accept and be lax with the teens

It is true that when young, we should be reprimanded of our actions because we don't know yet what is right and wrong.. We should be guided often and be spanked at the buttocks to learn things right. But it is different with teenagers.. They should just be guided gently with advice. They should not be spanked anymore and worst, they should not be dealt with harshly with words. Well, even kids should not be shouted or corrected with harsh words because it will stick to their brains, they will be hurt, and it's not easy to mend a young heart and mind when they grow up. So much more with teenagers, with their vague fragile hearts.

Teenagers should be accepted for who they are, each individually.. Even though they sometimes fall short of our expectations or even commit mistakes, they must be understood and not be nagged at if you want a healthy relationship with each other. People make mistakes and so are teenagers, they are not exempted. So there is virtue in forgiveness and acceptance. What if you are strict, full of restrictions, when your child would be psychologically impaired, would have nervous breakdown? All your hopes and dreams would be shattered too. Is there any difference between a child's failure and your failure as a parent? That is why it is advisable that children, especially teenagers should be accepted with all their make up, good and bad, just like husbands and wives in order to maintain harmonious and lasting relationship. Once they are loved, forgiven, accepted, comforted and feel that they belong, they are friends with their parents and other siblings, there is peace in the house, they are far from falling into untoward activities because they are full, there is no emptiness within them. They will be able to repay back to the world what they have been given.. For how many people live because of love and how many people die because of lack of it?.. Come to think of it.. Love and accept your teens and you will see dramatic changes in them, in their lives, in the home and in yourselves...


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