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How to Raise Sportsminded Children - How to Encourage Children to Like Sports

Updated on August 29, 2012

video about children encouragement with sports

Insights about Children and Sports

Do we want our children to like sports? or to become sports enthusiasts? Yes of course, and most of us will agree to that answer. Why would we like our children to love sports? Not because it is a million mega industry, and it pays a lot, (and we want our children to become rich), but its because we would like our children to have a balanced life in order for them to be happy, well adjusted and not sickly. Aside from these reasons, we would like them to have some kind of worthwhile activities in which they learn the value of winning and losing, realizing that it is part of the thing called life. In essence, sports is a part of everyday life.

Sports instills discipline among children, it also gives them a sense of fulfillment. It is a form of socialization and acceptance of failures when they are defeated. Sports is an overall life experiences which helps children to develop in all facets of life, emotional, psychological, human relations and social developments.

Different culture in all over the world go crazy in sports they like, for example in Australia and England, they go crazy about cricket, soccer and polo. In Australia, they really do love sports and they are crazy about it. Cricket is also popular game in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and is also played in Malaysia, Nepal and Afghanistan.

Here in the US, most people like football, basketball and baseball, not necessarily in order of popularity. In some parts of Asia (eastern), they prefer martial arts, (karate, sumo wrestling, although most Filipinoes love basketball). Most of the countries in the colder part of the world loves skiing, snow boarding etc. In Africa they love running or marathon, and they really excel in those sports while most eastern European countries likes gymnastics. No matter where we are, or what sports we like, there is always a part of us who would want to play or participate or just watch a game.

Here are some of the tips to encourage children to be involved in sports

  1. As early as possible, indulge in sports activities. You might want to schedule it every weekends (intensive during summer) and they will all be looking forward to it.
  2. Depending on the weather conditions, encourage them to play outside the house so that they can move freely and exercise. Every Sunday, when my children are small, we will go to the sunken garden (in one of the university in the state U-in the Phillipines), this is a big hollow space in which you can play ball, baseball, softball, football (soccer). American or Canadian football is not so popular in the Philippines. Sometimes there are collegiate teams who are playing there and we get to watch it free. In this sense, the children appreciate games.
  3. Buy durable sports equipment, and also buy comfortable shoes and clothes appropriate to the sports.
  4. Let them explore on their own and test their limits, for example you are in the swimming pool, as long as the children have floaters and you are near them, let them swim on their own.
  5. Praise them for their effort and for accepting defeat. Always congratulate the winning team (Do not do a LBJ act, in 2008-09 season, Lebron James (US National Basketball Association, NBA player) walked out when his team didn’t win--
  6. Sit down and watch with them during sports events or just watching sports competition in the TV
  7. Encourage them to participate in school activities like joining sports club
  8. Encourage them to join summer sports activities
  9. If you have the resources, enroll them so they could learn more techniques in the particular sports
  10. Have time for them and play with them, I am a mother of grown up children and I encourage my children to play. I play with them whether basketball, football etc.). Of course I need to learn it also. I am a single parent that time and I have three boys, and a daughter then)
  11. Give them freedom to choose which sports they like and nurture them at the same time
  12. Eat foods which gives energy and nutritious ones, like poultry, meat products (unprocessed), milk, fruits and vegetables
  13. Drink water and avoid artificial drinks
  14. Teach them the value of pride, let them watch big games (Olympics, winter Olympics), national competition. This is to help them appreciate loyalty and love for ones country. It is important for their identity.
  15. It will also show them the diverse sports in other parts of the world. It will also increase their respect for other culture and their sports.


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    • aware profile image

      aware 5 years ago from West Palm Beach Florida.

      this is of great importance . installing positive traits into our youth can not go lost .it can not stand without reinforcing comment. sport teaches rules, purpose , goals. and yes sportsmanship . pretty is a good steward on this planet. a true advocate of our youth. everyone should know this