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How To Spend Quality Time With Your Child

Updated on August 30, 2016

Single parenthood by nature means less time with your child. Single mothers often work two jobs to make ends meet. It is a way of life for many so it becomes an acceptable way of living. This usually accompanies the guilt of not spending enough time with their child. But even in the best or to the opposite spectrum, the worst of times, quantity does not always mean a successful family unity. Consequently, single mothers who accept their disposition, matures into the realization that spending quality time with their child can be just as effective as quantitative time.

There are many ways to turn time spend into quantity nurturing teaching moments impacted with love and acceptance. These qualities are very important in the rearing of happy healthy children and can be fulfilled in daily routines.

Routine 1. The morning raise - The morning routine can set the tone for your child’s entire day so make it a fun loving experience by waking him up with hugs and kisses. Along with this affection speak positive affectionate words to him as he arises. As you hug and kiss your child try saying something like “you are the cutest most wonderful kid in the whole wide world and I love you ever so much”. The more exaggerated the words the bigger the impact. This wake up process is guaranteed to produce a smile on your child’s face and makes the entire school or day care preparation a smoother process. This approach will work for children from 1 day – 12 years. This will not work for teenagers, they are a completely different subject.

CC by Flickr
CC by Flickr | Source

Routine 2. Bathroom care – When your child looks to you to use the bathroom, as you proceed to the bathroom sing the potty song, “let’s go potty, potty, potty, potty, potty.” The potty song is made up however, it is very effective. Sing songs as they relate to personal hygiene. The brush our teeth song is a lot of fun and teaches your child how to take care of his teeth. Bath or shower time is one of the best quality spending event. With your child in the tub with his favorite toy and you at the tub you both can engage in play. The rubber ducky song is a fun play song and is easy enough to sing over and over. Children love repetition of their favorite song, play time, or book.

Routine 3. Mealtime – During the week it is highly probable that your child will have breakfast at school so any valuable breakfast period will be on the weekends. At any meal, use the opportunity of having your child’s full attention to converse with him. Many times as a single mother you are distracted with “things to do” but, push this aside and make a special affect to talk with your child. This works foremost when the television and phone is off and all parties are at the table. This is when you can discover your child’s aspirations, his favorite game, toy and so much more. Open the conversation and let your child do, if not all, most of the talking. Do not be judgmental and be sure to ask a lot of questions.

Routine 4. Drive time – This is also a great opportunity to talk with your child. If you and your child take mass transit you can have countless talk session without distractions. But, remember to keep things light, integrate jokes and songs when you child refuses to engage.

Bath time...CC by Flickr
Bath time...CC by Flickr | Source

How you spend time with your child?

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Routine 5. Bed time- This is when storytelling and reading takes place. Reading a book before bedtime is one of the best interactions with your child; it helps your child’s academic development and allows for snuggles and kisses. When reading books try to select them as close to your child’s experiences as possible and while reading talk a little about the “best behavior” for the main character.

Routine 6. Weekends – For single mothers who work shorter hours on the weekend this is when quality time is greatly impacted, it is an opportunity to “do” things together, things that are enjoyed by all family members.


Have Fun Outdoors

As single household families venture out, they should note that many restaurants have “kids eat for free” menus. Children that eat free are usually five and under. The Children’s Museum, available in my states, have free admission days and discounted fees. The museum is a fun place for children of any age. I make many attempts each year to attend under the disguise of taking by smaller family members. Other museums offer discounted or fee admissions on certain days and time, call the museums in your area for more details. The zoo is usually free for families who receive EBT. Many states have outdoor summer theaters that put on free shows; these shows are quality cultural events that span from Peter Pan to Othello. These outdoor theaters typically located within the park, allow children the flexibility to run and play at will.

Just the two of us CC by Flickr
Just the two of us CC by Flickr | Source

A Break From Routine

In single parent mode as you go through your weekly routine there is a caveat to observe, and that is the best type of fun is the kind that disrupts the routine. The sort of fun that is spontaneous and amenable. In our family, our disruption of routine was put into practice on Mondays and Wednesdays. Mondays we instituted game nights. After homework and dinner we played all of our favorite games. We played Trouble, Checkers, Scramble, Uno and much more, and through them all, we were resourceful competitors. My daughter was a frequent cheater at every game just to have the pleasure of winning. On Mondays if you were to walk pass our apartment window you would hear roaring laughter. Wednesdays were movie night. There was a point in our schedule that the pressure of keeping our routine became too overwhelming for my daughter so, in order to elevate the tension, I decided to initiate movie night. The best day was Wednesday, because it broke up the monotony of the week. On that evening, we put aside homework, bath time, and bedtime preparation to watch 2 movies. We created a movie theater atmosphere, with dim lights, popcorn and candy, which was our dinner for that night. Often we crashed on the sofa and late at night crawled into bed. The next day we would jokingly rush through our morning routine. My daughter loved the interruptions, it was a relaxed time filled with fun.

Time is a constant entity, ticking away at our lives and its quality is relative. It is relative to each family and their resources. So as you reassess the time spend with your child, do so with the influence of thinking outside the box, and relish in your decision of doing what is best for you and yours.


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    • Flipsgeraldine profile imageAUTHOR

      Yvette Marshall 

      3 years ago from Houston, Texas

      MsDora I am so encourage by your comment, thank you

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      3 years ago from The Caribbean

      A very thoughtful and practical share on using the opportunities that are already available to interact with the child. Thanks you.


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